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Save Bebo.

post your opinions on here about bebo shutting down and who should buy the company :)

4/16/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Midnight Stalkers.
    luv Midnight Stalkers.

    I'm on Bebo & Facebook. Why would they close down Bebo, it's way faster. It could about 5 minutes for me to accept a friend while on Bebo it hardly takes half a minute. Facebook has so much shite on it, it makes it slower while Bebo can easily work with all the games etc. Viva la Bebo. Hehe~

  • 'Maddz

    5 days to go people :O How bad can this get. it closes down when im on holiday :O

  • Boycott AOL If They Close Bebo 4/25/10
  • Flash

    kiss mii asss aol bebo shuld live 4evr reppin rmc $skux4life$

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson

    Good news guys. Google has brought bebo :D

  • luv ºremembrance.

    If anything, all the money AOL put in to it is what has ruined it. When they started making all the changes is when people were getting frustrated and moving to Facebook. They say that bebo is a disappointment? Well, I think they're the disappointment.

  • 4/18/10
  • Sorry '

    I think it's absolutely stupid that bebo's shutting down. Even though it's not as popular compared to other social network sites. It is still very popular. I think bebo's great to have! I wouldn't have the slightest idea why it's shutting down. Because they can't afford to it anymore ? that's bullshit! They've been able to afford it, all this time. I mean, whats changed ?

  • Thee Doccaay
    Thee Doccaay

    [ from http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/... ] Francesca Barnett wrote: Bebo was fine before AOL, AOL ruined it. "I make Skins on the site, and so do many others, everyone started leaving Bebo when AOL changed the layout of our profiles and barely anyone liked it. We didn't move to facebook because its better, its because Bebo got THAT bad. I Still have my account and I still make skins, I'd be pretty upset if Bebo got deleted and all my artwork gone." well that is true, aol has ruined bebo :/ .. google should buy the company tbfh. They make like billions everyday from youtube and stuff D: they'd make bebo great againn..

  • Isaac Mendez
    Isaac Mendez

    Why is everyone going around saying that is IS deleting. It still hasn't ben decided yet so it's still only a MIGHT!!! Why don't you start off the group with the words that "Bebo MIGHT be deleting". All these rumours are making people panic and set up accounts on other networking sites. And that isn't helping Bebo at all!!!!

  • Conspiracy Theories
    Conspiracy Theories

    "An unconfirmed rumor has surfaced that either Google or MySpace is about to announce a big $1 billion to $1.5 billion acquisition in the social space. After checking around with multiple industry sources, we’ve concluded that if the rumor is true the most likely candidate is Bebo, which we are told is raising capital and simultaneously shopping itself around again. We put the chances of this rumor being true at a solid 50 percent." IT'S OLD NEWS! From the 6th of February. So it doesn't mean anything at all. There are NO new updates on the AOL site yet.

  • Conspiracy Theories
    Conspiracy Theories

    The operative word there is MIGHT... And if everyone ups and leaves Bebo, it won't make it look very attractive to any buyers. So stick around. Stay active. Let them see that Bebo is a well used and thriving site.

  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert

    constpiracy theories they have announced that they might be on the aol sight

  • Conspiracy Theories
    Conspiracy Theories

    Just a word... There's a few groups starting up that claim Bebo ARE closing. Don't listen. If anything like that was ever decided then we'd all have had an automatic e-mail by now. Some of the groups are telling people to delete all their pictures and then their accounts. Have some common sense here people. There are some scare mongers out there spreading rumours so use your heads.

  • -'CityScape

    Adam below. I think there was thousands of members deleted, no-one has the time to be making thousands of pages, I thought of it once, but gave up on the idea when I saw the huge number that had left :/

  • Adam

    It may sound stupid, but why don't all roleplayers create more accounts, that might help to save bebo. Let's be honest, how many members don't have more than two accounts on bebo? so if we create more accounts maybe someone could be interested and might buy bebo

  • Billy Black
    Billy Black

    Facebook is crap. I wouldn't go there if you paid me to. You can't RP there anyway, everyone knows that. >:( Bebo has to be saved.

  • Dr. Cαthєrinє Dєαnє
    Dr. Cαthєrinє Dєαnє

    If everyone suddenly makes Facebook accounts then all it will do is make it look even more popular than it already is. That's what AOL expect to happen and if people start leaving Bebo then no one will want to buy it. Just thought I'd say. Nothing is even close to Bebo for role playing, let's face it. We have to keep Bebo!

  • Rαchєl Blαck
    Rαchєl Blαck

    "According to comScore, Bebo had 5.8 million users at this time last year, but has only 5.1 million users at present, which itself is a bad sign. Compare this with the hundreds of million users which other sites like Facebook and Twitter have, and Bebo’s figures seem miniscule. It is highly likely that Bebo has been a casualty of the growing popularity of Facebook and Twitter." so? the LAST thing anyone should do is run off and make an account on Facebook or Twitter. It just makes those sites look even more popular!

  • º'Tormented Agent.

    Without Bebo I may as well jump off a bridge DON'T DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We you, Bebo! :DD