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Aine Cleary

:( :( :(

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  • Female, 22, Luv 720
  • from Coralstown
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  • Member since: June 2006
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About Me

Love and miss you always Granny ♥
Me, Myself, and I
Hiya I'm Aine .Im from Coralstown.I play footballl for the wonderful Coralstown/Kinnegad!!!

Back repeating the leaving cert in CBS sur mightn't be all tat bad ;) :L

Summer 09 was great...

Oxegen :D
Nights out :D

Thats really it so leave me a comment or do my quiz!!!
"Never Forget" 6th yr song :( :(


Leaving cert class 09' xxx

Deirdre my aunt and god mother will always love her and never forget her xxx

Niall Keegan gone but not forgotten!!!!xx
The Other Half Of Me
Sandra Lynam

Sandra Lynam

She me mad cuz gone to aussie for a yr....:(:(:(

Sinead Lynam
Where to start :O :L ah no love her to bits.... She my cousin but really she my best friend.. only seven months between us so were like sisters ;) Tell each other everything...(well nearly)haha!! She does or says the oddest things sometimes but ya hav to know her to understand her and just hav to laugh and love her!!
Dont know where i'd b without her!!!xxx
I love comedies like White Chicks very..........funny!!Like d romantic ones too eg.P.S I Love You
Really dont like d scary films cause I scream d whole way through!!!!
Football.......Westmeath & of course the one and only Coralstown/Kinnegad.
Scared Of
Scared of CLOWNS and wen people call them over near me wen they no im afraid of them(SULLY)!!
Happiest When
When Im partyin wit all the family( 30 of us) and friends at party's! and of course wit all my bestest of friends!!!And at the GAA matches!!

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  • Granny and Grandad Cleary xx

    Granny, Grandad, why did you leave
    I wish that god would have given ye more time to breath.
    Took you away without a clue
    Granny, Grandad what are we alI to do.

    Granny, Grandad, why did you leave
    To leave the whole lot of us here to grieve.
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    Fly upto to heaven if you must.


    Ye are now back together
    Sleeping side by side
    Yes, Aways and for Forever!
    Love Ye

    0 Comments 173 weeks

  • ** Salou**

    Best holiday ever....!!
    The craic was unreal so many memories and stories....! :L
    The Highlights
    - Dee and Ruth pole dancing in Bus stop :L

    - Christy and Colm brat dancin in Bus stop:L

    - Alan and Ruth's apartment party= dee dancin on table :L
    security guard knockin on door twice giving out hell in Spanish and Alan not having a clue what he was sayin so he just kept sayin "Graci" :L

    - Walking home every night wit Sinead,Gary Joanne wat a laugh we had :L

    -Ruth beting two Spanish lads on the boxing bag..90 95 99!!:L

    - Goin to McDonalds on way home from niteclub Gary sitting looking at his burger for half an hour tryin to decide to eat it or not..(he didnt in the end):L

    - Dessie throwing off his shoes in Snoopies and dancing on the podium and leaping offi it :L

    - Dad and Ruth Irish dancin in Danny Boys

    - Sinead gettin hipnotised "Who's the daddy"- "Your the daddy" :L

    - Joanne collecting pebbles on way home a few nights "This one is for Sarah" :L

    - Banana boat was great fun until we alll fell off and my life jacket opened and as it was goin up I was bein push down under the water...:O

    - Dee and Colm's apartment party= Joanne cooking the sausages abd burnin the beans :L
    Eileen half asleep comin in to us and telling us to go to bed :L

    - Gary betting Alan in the boxing punch bag-their so...........Competitive :L

    - Joanne doing cartwheels on the streets on way home one night
    then Gary and Colm tried :L :L

    -We all looking up into a tree outside Snoopies and we all thinking it was a snake in it when actually it was a jumperwrapped around the branch but Really it did look lik a snake :L

    -Bus stop,007,Kiss and Snoopies = some craic :L

    The Sayings of the week

    Ruth " Fuck Up"

    Dee " Be Cute"

    Joanne " Indoor Voice"

    Emma "Ye..........................ip"

    Me " ah sur I'll follow the crowd"

    Dad "Who rang you"

    I SALOU '09

    0 Comments 212 weeks

  • Friends ...

    Michelle (My best friend since we were 5...love her to bits dont know what i'd do witout her. Comes out with the strangest things sometimes "this apple is f***ing gorgeous"

    Emma( mad emz is a kinda friend everyone needs always there for me through thick and thin..Could also be said she likes the "odd" drink haha)

    Laura (Adores chocolate!!Never seen without her in school....were always together she is often heard say"Aine I swear to God....." but love her really)

    Ashleen (My best freind from Coralstown N.S tends to get me into trouble in class for laughing (Mr Lee on first day in secondary school) she often comes out wit strange things but I understand her most the time :L :L )

    Deana ( my lil broadway singer is a darling would do anything to help you..love her to bits)

    Clodagh( Love this girl..!!Always up for a laugh and claims she's a bad ass as we heard stories from oxegen..Would do anything for a friend and loves the odd nite out :L )

    Sinead (another great singer and sound girl, a great one for the jokes and famous quotes :L )

    Cian( known him 13/14 years now,my maths buddie always focused on maths that we dont have time to plan our summer or anything isnt that right Cian? :L :L )

    Rachel( Lovely girl and is so...kind)

    Sully(known him a while now a sound and mad lad and loves to sing a tune or two)

    Brian(another maths buddie although he likes to claim seats but Laura doesnt let him away wit it ...also likes to tease me about my no sence of smell but is a really nice lad and funny wit a few drinks :L )

    David ( a GREAT friend is really nice and kind//Loves his TEA and cant understand why I dont like it haha) Clodagh(Really nice girl and my oxegen '09 buddie :D )

    Darren(lovely lad and gud friend..clais he is goin wear a pink dress,blue shoes and green tights to my debs so we'll wait and see :L :L )

    Colin( sound lad and MAD wit a few drinks as we seen at Sully's 18th)

    Cormac( my bus buddie..a really nice lad keeps our geograpthy class entertained with the messing between himself and Ms O' Reilly)

    Dan( soundest lad...his love for Raharney is known by everyone and keeps our English class in laughter)

    Paul(now renamed "Cormac and Co" as he helps Cormac entertain our geography class but really nice lad)

    Maud(wat afootballer/basketballer i dont know where her talents ends..wat a great friend)

    Louise,Sarah,Mark,Raharney Sully,Amee,Diarmuid <-----lovely/sound friends

    2 Comments 225 weeks

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    Box a chocs?? Mmmmh!! ha so wat else can we plan to do? xxx more love>>

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    Wats de bets de min i hear one ill talk back de same way!! :L :L :L Sxc northern lads ;) YUM!! last love again>> LY xxxxxx

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    Lovage for my Roomie :D Super excited!! Cant wit to head nite clubs ;) xxx

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    here thought id leave ya a luv..x x x x x x

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    By god she didn get it off me !! i wouldnt be so nice in giving it to her

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    :L :L :L :L Stil say it was you :P I dont want your sickness anymore...im going maaaaaaaaad :( xxxx

  • Laura Cooney
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    Im sick and hav a sore throat....by god you better hope i didn get it off you :( :( or i swear to god :L :L xxxxxxxxxxx

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    LoveYou :)

  • Laura Cooney
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    Love :) xxx

  • luv Ciaran Gildea

    I got a feelin that 2nits goin to b a gud nite..:DD ..x

    4/16/10 via Mobile
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