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Reverend Drake ToughPalm

on my way to work! Boo!

11/19/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 90
  • from Narnia, The one with the Pixies'n Shit!
  • I am It's Complicated
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  • Last active: Mar 8
  • www.bebo.com/beast_t
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About Me

Cut me I bleed! Break my heart, u will c tiny angels weeping 4m the remains of a shattered SOUL!
Me, Myself, and I
Not hard to confuse right now!
If it takes my whole life time to sort...

It will have to be worth it!
Just about everything
Man about dog, Nightmare before X-mass, Robots, Lilo and stitch, the crow, and loads more .........
Scared Of
PPL messing with ur mind and you!
Sasauge Rolls... dont ask!
Happiest When
Wasted or with friends
Fave line
Wot Wot WOT? Wot Wot WOT? Wot Wot WOT? Wot Wot WOT?
Favourite Tatts
Go to: Myspace.com/jim_jedi_jakey look at my pics Enjoy my myspace!

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  • luv yas

    thanks so much for the love ppl are sending me!
    and yeah we do need to catch up!
    and i do hope i become my self again... just better

    suppose everyone wants that

    0 Comments 301 weeks

  • all good

    Hey peeps im out now
    feel so much better
    feel like my old self
    but cant remember him
    but im getting there!
    wooo hoooooo

    3 Comments 301 weeks

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  • The Female Boss

    haha fair enough

    1/30/11 via Mobile
  • The Female Boss

    hey whos this?

    1/30/11 via Mobile
  • Gem

    Robz eats jobbies with beaks!

  • Up Ur Viva
    Up Ur Viva

    Not much jus workin like a cunt lol 60 hrs a week and spending time with my missus lol

  • Up Ur Viva
    luv Up Ur Viva

    Aryt how's things on the roof? :L been up ti much lad?

    7/14/10 via Mobile
  • Jenny Penny Wenny
    luv Jenny Penny Wenny

    Hey how's u sorry for wakning u up lol xx

    5/5/10 via Mobile
  • Xbecksx

    Hi Hun long time no see or hear lol how have you been, what have ya been up to? X

    4/22/10 via Mobile
  • Gail Watt
    luv Gail Watt

    u can call me abi.ha god u wish!!!!ur fanny man robzzzzzzzzzz!x

  • Gail Watt
    Gail Watt

    yeah im gd jst at wrk.wooo! yeah made it back fine thank god!!!lol x x

  • Gail Watt
    Gail Watt

    yo yo yo!!! hows you mr?x x

  • luv Rosko

    You x

    3/21/10 via Mobile
  • Bollox
    luv Bollox

    Toot tooot! How goes it young man? Have some luv! ~xXx~

  • Bollox

    What you saying? you up to much? I'm bored :( ~xXx~

  • Louise

    No chance in hell pal Hae a nice day ;)

  • Bollox

    Hey hun, how goes it? I'm up to fuck all the night if you want to join me? throw a text my way. ~xXx~

  • Gem
    luv Gem

    Yooooooou! Pedo Bear! How's it goin? :) xx

  • Kate Harper
    Kate Harper

    Hey Happy new year too. Just been working really. Yeah we are both fine thanks. Hope you are good too.

  • Up Ur Viva
    Up Ur Viva

    sayin ti it? [moon]

    1/15/10 via Mobile