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Emma-Katelyn Flack

only Yyler

Mar 30 | me too! | Reply

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Real Beauty Comes From Within
Me, Myself, and I
Howdy! ;)
I'm Emma Flack, most people just call me Em or Emi. I have an older brother Lucas, who's the biggest pain in the ass like EVER!
My mom is Jessica Angell, she's a cop. I never really knew my dad, mom raised me by herself but my stepdad is Don Flack, moms fiance.
Anways. I'm in first grade of high school and i have dreams of becoming an actress, i've already done a few photoshoots and even been in a film and a few tv shows.. i love it :D , i did think of becoming a cop like my folks but seems like too much hard work to me :L :L
Drop me a line bitches ;)
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.
The Other Half Of Me
Tyler Danville

Tyler Danville

<b.he may be older than me but i want to be his

Lady GaGa, Rihana, Eminem, Westlife, Take That, JLS, Mily Cyrus, Alexandra Burke, Cast of Glee
High School Musical, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, erm...i dunno :L
Sports? I think not...
Other accounts
not online you can find me on one of these i am always online at one of these

Jenny Shepard

Jennifer Jareau

Nyota Uhura

Elena Stewart-Pattinson

Emma Katelyn Flack

Sue Ellen Ewing

Elena Hauser

Calleigh Duquense

Stella Bonasera-Taylor


Amanda Tapping


Helen Magnus-Tesla
Happiest When
Out with friends

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I'm Elmo and I Know It!

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  • Tyler Danville
    luv Tyler Danville

    //Np ive not been on much lately either lol

    -Tyler smirked as He lay over You, He kissed Your neck softly and smirked-

    You can have Me any time You want Babe, I'm all Yours

    Jul 17
  • Taylor Lautner
    luv Taylor Lautner

    yo Flack ..oh but we must :D

    Think it law that we Rp ;) :L

    Jul 3
  • Don Flack
    luv Don Flack

    ''It's fine honey. And if we do have to work late then we'll call Katie or your grandpa.. now go on.. you've done enough. Go and enjoy yourself and quit worrying about the house and the kids.. that's my job.''

    Don replied with a chuckle.

    Jun 19
  • Taylor Lautner
    Taylor Lautner

    Taylor Lautner
    Taylor was having a party at his new place Sofia sad she keep Mason for the night still being friends with Emma from ht filming on Twilight he invited her and he knew he had a brother and invited him and their girl friend and boyfriend around ,it was a pool party while Taylor waited for guests him and Frankie got everything set up the music was bouncing some of Ne Yo playing

    (Ignore last one thought his be better :L )

    Jun 16
  • Taylor Lautner
    luv Taylor Lautner

    -Taylor knew Emma from her filming in twilight they remained good friends he knew she had lil brother and sister around Mason age and invited them around to his home telling them bring swim stuff as he waited for them he got Mason ready for pool and putting sun cream on him -

    Jun 16
  • Lucas Flack
    luv Lucas Flack

    ''No you don't. You love me. I'm the one you missed the most..''

    Lucas smirked.

    ''That's why i'm still here...''

    Jun 14
  • Taylor Lautner
    luv Taylor Lautner

    rp ..emma a actress right well i changed my character he not taylor Lautner from Twilight so wondering maybe we could have them working on same movie are something ? :D

    Jun 13
  • Taylor Lautner Jun 10
  • Sofia Curtis-Angell
    luv Sofia Curtis-Angell

    -Sofia pulled Emma into hug she was always making Sofia feel better about things -

    " you are right tho he should not feel like that prefer him talk to us but know what you saying ...how about we get home and have a barbecue play around the pool at mine with the kids ...they love you being around "

    " you growing up so fast into lovely young woman you are total credit to youre mom and dad you all are "

    -Sofia smiled and walked off to pay for things then her cel rang and it was danny she laughed and talked to him then got off phone -

    " youre uncle danny says he hopes you are cooking "

    Jun 10
  • Abbie Flack
    Abbie Flack

    **Abbie giggled**

    "Yay! What we going to pway with?"

    **Abbie said looking up at Emma in curiosity**

    Jun 10
  • Tyler Danville
    luv Tyler Danville

    -Tyler smirked before taking His shirt off and laying over You happily- Your so sexy Miss Flack

    Jun 9 via Mobile
  • Tyler Danville
    luv Tyler Danville

    -Tyler smirked before taking His shirt off-

    Well Babe, Anything for You

    -Tyler had been working out a lot more now and it was showing-

    Jun 7
  • Jess Angell-Flack
    luv Jess Angell-Flack

    **Hearing Emma's voice, Jess jumped out of her skin and turned and looked at her.**

    '' Oh my God honey.. i am so sorry..''

    **She sighed and walked over and hugged her, getting her covered in the dirt and grease that was on the cloth.**

    '' I completley lost track of time.. wow it took me two hours to clean the cooker.. that's a record..''

    **She chuckled.**

    '' How long were you waiting for me? Why didn't you call me? ''

    Jun 6
  • Sofia Curtis-Angell
    luv Sofia Curtis-Angell

    I nt think so no Hun

    Jun 6
  • Don Flack
    luv Don Flack

    "Well, you have tomorrow free.. so why don't you call him and make arrangements to hang out for the day..."

    Don suggested to her.

    Jun 4
  • Abbie Flack
    luv Abbie Flack

    **Abbie giggled and nodded, quickly finishing the meal**


    Jun 2
  • Jess Angell-Flack
    luv Jess Angell-Flack

    **Jess was in the kitchen cleaning out the oven, she already had the rest of the kitchen done. She had her music on and was singing along to it so she never heard anyone come in. Cliff had Josh and Abbie was with Katie and she wasn't sure where Lucas was, she hadn't even realised the time...**

    May 31
  • Tyler Danville
    luv Tyler Danville

    -Tyler smirked as He lay You on the bed- Ill do it more often if You like sexy

    May 31 via Mobile
  • Lucas Flack
    Lucas Flack

    ''Go ahead. She's already seen all of me anyway..''

    Lucas smirked.

    ''She won't care... she'll find it funny and love me even more haha.. you loose..''

    May 30
  • Darius Fuller.
    luv Darius Fuller.

    -Maddie blushed slightly -

    " his name is Jake Sheppard he in college ..Emma and so so sexy ..he such lovely guy "

    May 30

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