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6th sept out in wakie get ur asses ther for my 18!!! let u no if its fancy dress!!!

8/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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σиє σf мα gυяℓѕ !! …тσтαℓ ¢υтιє !!…ℓυνℓι ρєяѕσи αℓℓ яσυи∂ !!…∂ит ℓιкє αggяєѕισи σя σωт !!…
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σиє σf мα gυяℓѕ !! …тσтαℓℓу ¢яαzу!!…ℓ вт ¢αи αν α gυ∂ вιт¢н ωιν нєя!!…gυ∂ σℓ∂ ¢нαтѕ нαнα!!…тσρ ℓαѕѕ!!
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  • My top 16

    Q:Have you ever kissed anyone in ur top 16?

    Q: Whats your least favourite thing about number 13?
    ***wen she is in a mood she pulls this weird face!!***

    Q: What's the best memory you have of 9?
    *** Abusin khan dog in biology!!!***

    Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 4?
    *** probably at the prom!!!***

    Q: Is number 3 pretty?
    *** she gawjus!!***

    Q: What was your first impression of number 10?
    *** A luvli girl bt way too quiet!!***

    Q: What do you like most about number 1?
    *** Every fing about him...his bum...his c**k!! his luks his moods...he ma baby!!***

    Q: How did you meet 5?
    *** At skwl!!! netball n mainly her bro!!! haha wot a nutter she is!!!***

    Q: Do you think 12 would kill someone?
    *** noooooooooooo!!! Duncan ant got it in him!! ***

    Q: Is 11 your best friend?
    *** He one of my lad best m8s!!! luv him to bits!!! ***

    Q. How long have you known number 6?
    *** erm bout 3 yrs!!! one of adys m8s!!! lv ya db!!! ***

    Q: Have you seen 2 naked?
    *** Yup!!! we use to sit n tlk to each uva in da bath!!! ***

    Q: Do you think 3 has a crush on you?
    *** not unless she as turnd n gne off dicko!!! ***

    Q: What is the last thing you did with 8?
    *** chilled at rachels singin on kareoke!! go on ash n cara !!! ***

    Q: If you could give anything to number 15 what would it be?
    *** a big hug coz a miss him loadz!!! ***

    Q: If number 14 was a crayon, what colour would she/he be?
    *** mossy would be yellow!!! she so bright n mad she just stands out!! ***

    Q: Have you ever been to 2's house?
    *** of cors!!! i myt aswell of lived there in yr 8!!! ***

    Q: Have you ever slept in the same bed as 7?

    Q: When's the next time you'll see 5?
    *** probobaly at the prom unless she gets sum munie n we go shoppin!!! ***

    Q: Are you real close to 1?
    *** yup i know him inside out!!! ***

    Q: Have you ever kissed number 10?
    *** no i dnt think so!! ***

    Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 8?
    *** nooooooooo!! ***

    Q: Whats number 15's house lyk?
    *** cnt remember!!! onli been once!!! ***

    Q: Have you ever been angry with 12?
    *** Of cors!!! he's ma bruva!!! its natural !!! ***

    Q: Would you ever make a move on 5?
    *** yeh of cors i wud!!! ***

    Q: What do you and number 4 talk about the most?
    *** makin butt suffer!!! n the lil kaylen!!! ***

    Q: Do you ever talk to 9?
    *** All da time!!! ***

    Q: What do u think of number 16?
    ***Sooo annoying its untrue bt a nice lad!!! ***

    Q: Whats your favourite thing about number 2?
    *** She has every fing u need!!! pens clothes cigs perfume!!! u name it she has it!!!***

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  • like it

    1 Who are you?.......
    2. Are we friends?........
    3. When and how did we meet?........
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?.........
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?........
    6. Give me a nikname and explain why?........
    7. Describe me in 1 word........
    8. what was ur first impression ov me?.......
    9. do u still fink the same?......
    10. What reminds u ov me?.....
    11. If you could giv me anything wot wod it b?......
    12. How well do u no me?......
    13. Whens the last tym u saw me?.....
    14. Eva wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldnt?......
    15. Are you goin 2 put dis on ur blog and c wot i say about u?.....
    16. kiss me?
    17. hurt me?
    18 shag me?
    19. hug me?
    20. go out with me?
    21. jump in front of a bullet for me?
    22. what's the best thing about me?
    23. what's the worst thing about me?
    24. describe me in three words?
    25. if i was a colour...what would i be and why?
    26. on a scale of 1-10...how hot am i?

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  • tHe aRse!!!

    Am KwL, AnO iT ,
    iLL sHaKe mA AsS N iLL ShOw It!!
    YoU tOuCh It, iLL SlaP yOU,
    BrEaK YoUr FinGeRs tHeN aTtAcK yOu!!!

    YoUr Kwl wE kNOw iT,
    ShaKe tHat aSs N u ShoW it!!
    YoU mOvE iT, YoU sHaKE iT,
    ThE bOyS fInK tHaT yOu fAkE iT!!!

    We'LL ShoW thEm,
    It's ReAl
    AnD tEAcH thEm a GoOd LeSsoN
    We'LL ShaKE iT, aND mOvE iT
    In thEir Own PriVatE sEsSIoN

    AnD theN wHen tHey gRaB iT
    We'Ll BreAk thEiR liTtLe wEeNer
    AnD ProvE tHaT tHeiR EgO
    coUlDn'T BE mUcH KeEnEr!!!

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  • hi

    hi loz

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  • Jeanie Matney
    Jeanie Matney

    hi there I was going through peoples profiles, and i think you are an interesting guy, and hot too. I was doing a lil cam show for my friends gettin naughty, hit me up on MSN my names josyantos77@live.com xoxo bye xoxo

    12/16/08 via Mobile
  • Hollie

    heyyy :D you oryt chick? next sat manison you better come :D we need to make are own sex on the beach :L write back XXX

  • Danny

    bin doin the same realy just workin alot and just out with mates and with the gf lol hows u and ady sin his brother today drivein round in that corsa

  • Danny
    luv Danny

    hey loz ows u havent sin u in god nos how long hope your alrite wb xx

  • Xx.Lauren.Xx

    hey lvie!! hope ur ok!! wot ya up2 dese days den? cnt beleive i ant cin ya since cazs bday!! ow ya likin drivin den bet ya lv it dnt ya!! im guna do myn afta ma bday!! bin lookin at cars i cnt wait!! wots this bout goin out end of july? is it 4 sum1 bday? wb lvya xx

  • Xxx-Channin-Xxx

    Its ok, nevermind.. ill cum out end of July then.. Don't want anything thanks love cya then lvya x x x

  • Xxx-Channin-Xxx

    Hiya Loz.. Its my bday on 6th July...! U gunna cum out on 5th..? wb ly x x

  • Chris

    hey loz howz u

  • Xx.Lauren.Xx

    im fine ta!! av u passed nw den!!! aw wel done!!!! uve got a car 2!! so its all gud 4 u bless ya!!! n just workin n shopin 4 mi hols go a week on thursday!!!! wb lvya xx

  • Tinker

    klkl lv ya x

  • Tinker

    cn u see over steerin weel? lol oj wt car do u av?? wb lv yah x x x

  • Tinker

    oooo soz lol gdgd n ye am gd thnx n not much reli colege n chillin u? wb lv ya x x