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guys, WHOS UP FOR A RP TONIGHT! Need to get my ideas floooooowin'

May 3 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
         LAISHA dilaurentis
      Two can keep a secret.

€ƒLove letter's straight, from your heart.

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got a secret.
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L A I S H A dilaurentis
born 96' Laisha is seventeen years old with a huge heart, and a very normal life. Laisha had everything she wanted until her bestfriend, and her cousin Alison is killed in her home town Rosewood. Devestated Alison's family come to live with Laisha as they all comfort each other. After awhile they all, the whole family decide to move back to Rosewood as that's where they remember Alison at her happiest. Moving back Laisha is put into Rosewood High and Laisha feels she is walking the steps of Alison. But things arn't always what they seem, especially where alison is invovled.
Pretty Little Liars and TVD Non-Canon Roleplay

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  • PLL


    Laisha was a part of the dilaurentis family, after Alison died, Alison's family moved to live with Laisha's family. Laisha and Alison were cousin's and very close. After two years the whole family have decided to move back to Rosewood. Laisha is now a member of Rosewood high, where her whole family as a history she had no idea about. Her new best friend? Mona What could that mean? You'll have to play, to find out.

    A, is back. And angier than ever.
    Your mine now, bitches - A.

    [Based on: Pretty Little Liars TV series]
    Alison has been missing for a year. When on the day of the year anniversary her group of friends start recieving texts from her going by the name of 'A' - they believe it to be Alison until the police find her body. Now who is it? Or is it Alison? You'll have to play to find out.

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  • OOC;

    - Billie Stone | Seventeen | Single | Roleplayer since 07 | Detailed |

    Hey, my name's Billie. I've been roleplaying for a long time on here. I started with Prison Break, moved to HSM, then to SPN/Gossip girl. And since then i've skipped between TVD and non-cannon characters. I'm best known for the following characters Blake Messer, Fallon Rhodes, Paris Burke/Montague, Kimberlee lai & Laisha Harvelle/Iver. <-- just some of the characters i've played! I might have met you in the past! :L

    In OOC, i attend college- i'm doing a Level 3 extended diploma in performing arts, i work for a fashion company and i write novels. I also do acting jobs, i've started doing youtube and basically love all things creative. The reason i started to roleplay was because i was addicted to Prison Break and it made me feel...like me when i roleplayed

    Between Monday-Wednesday it is very hard for me to reply because i start college at 8:30 with dance. Then i don't get home until between 9-10 at night because we rehearse a hell of a lot because a lot of us are going to be put forward for RADA, Laines, Lipa. So we have a lot of pressure on us to make sure we get in. But between wed night and sun night's i'll be all yours.

    I want to be a performer or a novelist/script writer. It's my dream and passion. Another reason why i love writing on here so much because it's so on the edge you never know what is going to happen next and i just find that thrilling. Anyways if you want to know anything more just ask i'm a very open person! Add my on skype,facebook or follow me on tumblr!

    skype: BillieStoneXo

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  • Read This!!

    Comments Role play
    i never usually do these, but for other people them seam to work well. Ok, if you would like to role play with me that's fine because i will role play any genre except, anime or cartoons. I will role play with anyone as long as they role play in novella style. But your spelling and grammar does not have to be perfect. Because mine is far from it, trust me. But i have made a new rule for comment role play's. We have to map a story line out and it has to be worth role playing.

    Blog Role Play
    Most people will not of heard of this one. The only way you are allowed to Blog role play with me is if you have role played with me before and i think you are a good role player with good imagination and writing skills. The way a blog role play works is the following:
    After a while of role playing i will ask you {if i think your good enough} if you would mail me and we can make a new story line up and we can role play in a blog, that way we can keep track of what is going on and turn it into a novel if we like.
    My best friends started one [Don&Susan} and they got to comment 4,000. It was an amazing story and it went through lots of different dramatic starts/endings. But they carried on going.
    My goal is to beat that 4,000 comments. but I'm looking to start one soon.
    So if we haven't role played but you think your a good writer and would like to start a blog mail me and I'll consider it.

    I already have four hundred friends. And im not sure what to do because half of them have left but i really can't be bothered to delete them. so, yeah?
    I really would like to have imaginative roleplays and not the normal boring - meet in Manhattan kind of thing because that's all i've roleplayed the last few years. Except for the days with Don and Susan [mentioned in blog comments] so please help me create a master peice! I'm looking for some permanent friend role players [who cant create a good storyline] but be good friends ooc. any body wants to talk mail me.

    I'm trying to bring good role-playing back because the imagination seem's to be sucked out of this place recently and everyone has gone to characters from TV series ect. There's no original idea's characters. There's only a couple i know. So are you an original character? mail me then.

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  • Dean Loves Avira May 6
  • ºLaisha

    Will reply later guise.

    May 3
  • Spencer Hastings
    luv Spencer Hastings

    Thanks for the Addage :))

    Apr 29
  • Rivers.

    That could work quite well, Dimitris constantly trying to be the hero but tends to stay away from people due to the darkness beginning to consume him.

    Apr 22
  • 'Ella-Rose.

    I'd love to roleplay, any ideas in mind for a storyline?

    Apr 20
  • Nat'

    ((Sorry for the long wait for the starter))

    **Natalie was new to Redwood Falls and was just getting established, a nice house was brought and soon Natalie would be starting up a sister company to the woman's major one but for now the woman just wanted to get settled**
    **She stood there boiling the jug while waiting for Laisha, a foster child Natalie had taken on to arrive home from school**

    Apr 18
  • Empathetic'Original.
    luv Empathetic'Original.

    Oh don't even stress writting a starter asap, I'm pretty paticent - except when it comes to Rogue Events. :L
    Sounds like you're getting really busy. :P

    Apr 17
  • 'Lockwolf
    luv 'Lockwolf

    Why on earth would they eat your beavers? They're trained professionals. They only munch on the finest of meats. :L :L WHOA! You must be really fit then :O

    Ehm, would you mind love?

    Apr 16
  • 'Morgan

    Id love to roleplay, but bare with me cause my character might be changing :L

    Apr 14
  • luv JessMarin'

    I think it could be either Jason or CeCe?
    I love love love Jason
    Because you have a good imagination when it come to PLL :) !

    That would be amazing :3

    Eermm.. I was thinking that your character could be new in school and spencer being spencer offered to show you around and hang out with you? I could try to role-play as all the girls that way you could become close to the girls etc?xx

    Apr 13
  • Empathetic'Original.
    luv Empathetic'Original.

    Awesome. :D We can still plan along the way for sure in case we want to add more stuff. :P
    Can I be a lovely pain and ask you to start? ..I really need to get on my freaking Elena account and do some replying - as much as I hate the character. :L
    btw, do you mind if we rp in mail? :o

    Apr 13
  • ºLaisha

    damings and up

    Apr 13
  • ºstefantheripper.

    no problem, thanks for adding. I'd love to!:DD

    Apr 12 via Mobile
  • luv JessMarin'

    OMFG you should be a writer .. :L !

    That would be so cute.. I think personally that maggie and Ezra will get back eventually just for a short while to see how it goes for Malcolm's sake if you get me?

    awhh here's some back too :3

    Would you care to role-play?


    Apr 12
  • 'Lockwolf
    luv 'Lockwolf

    I am very jealous of your army, may I please contribute my lions to said army? :L :L You dance? What kind of dancing do you do? That's cool (:

    Ooh, yes that could work. So Laisha and Jeremy are friends and mortal enemies with Tyler but when he sees her at a party or something they sort of become drinking buddies? Until he sort of goes M.I.A because of the wolf thing? :/

    Have one back :DD

    Apr 12
  • Deactivated

    Great! I look forward to reading it! Ah me too :L it should get interesting :P

    Apr 11 via Mobile
  • º Hanna

    Yay PLL yay. :3

    Apr 11
  • Empathetic'Original.

    Oh okay. :)
    Well what if we stuck to the A thing where Laisha is still getting texts and stuff from A who knows where she is. And there could be hints about the truth in Mystic Falls about vampires.
    Maybe one day she runs into Elijah when she gets cornered by a pack of werewolves on a full moon? :o

    Apr 11
  • 'Damings.
    luv 'Damings.

    Sure thing. :3 Any more idea's?

    Apr 11
  •  - - Jason
    - - Jason

    sure, would love to.:3

    Apr 11 via Mobile