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Destiny Workshop

One Simple Rule! Give bebo with the request if it's needed!

12/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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10 luv

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Me, Myself, and I
Destiny Workshop


1. Gotta give love with the request. Simples.

1-5 Animations= 1
6-10 Animations= 2

Fill Out-

Which Movie or Tv Series:
If Series, Which Season:
Whats Your Url:
What Colour for Url:
How Many:
Have you give love with this request:

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  • Which Is the Better Animation?

    1. Gossip Girl S2 (made for Noelle)
    2. ER S13 (made for Alexis)
    3. Ghost Whisperer S3 (made for Danielle)
    4. One Tree Hill S3 (made for Paris)
    5. Charmed S5 (made for Shae)


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  • To Do List- Not Doing in Order

    1. MrzJudeLaw_2009 - HSM3- Ashley Tisdale- 5
    2. perfectangel_ - The Air I Breathe- SMG- 10- love given
    3. Buffys - Supernatural S3- Jensen Ackles- 10- love given
    4. CaetanoShae_- Charmed S5- Rose McGowan- 10- love given
    5. ComplicatedMcdowell- One tree Hill S3- Sophia Bush- no love needed
    6. GeekBoy83_ - Cry Wolf- Jared Padalecki- 15- love given on other account
    7. DamagedParis. - OTH S3- Hilarie Burton- 5- no love needed
    8. x3PeopleAlwaysLie- Ghost Whisperer S3- JLH- Love given to profile
    9. BooBooDavis- The Hitcher- Sophia Bush- No love needed
    10. SugarPieA - Heroes S2- Hayden Panetierre- No Love Needed
    11. adorablehunter - Supernatural S3 Episode No Rest for the Wicked- Jensen Ackles- Love Given
    12. perfectangel_- Supernatural S3 Episode 13- Travis Wester- No Love Needed
    13. xDisasterZone- Gossip Girl S1/2- Taylor Momsen- No Love Needed
    14. 3FadingSpark_x- ER S13- Linda Cardillini- 10- Love Given
    15. _prettygirl - Princess Diaries 2 - Chris Pine- 10- Love Given
    16. SuddenDisasterx - OTH S4- BJG - 5- Love Given

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  • The Dvd List


    Stay Alive
    The Hitcher
    John Tucker Must Die
    Drag Me To Hell
    The Air I Breathe
    Suburban Girl
    Cruel Intentions 1-3
    High School Musical 2-3
    The Last House on the Left
    Confessions of a Shopaholic
    Cry Wolf
    Cougar Club (Kaley Cuoco)
    Sydney White and the seven dorks
    Butterfly Effect 2
    The Unborn
    Boogeyman 1-3
    Final Destination 2-4
    Rumor Has It
    Marley and Me
    He's Not that Into You
    All the boys Love Mandy Lane
    The Grudge 1-3
    Wild Child
    Van Wilder 1-2
    The Princess Diaries 2
    Prom Night
    The Pacifer
    The Uninvited
    Bring it On In it To Win It
    Twilight Double Disk Edition

    Tv Series

    Supernatural S3
    Heroes S1-3
    Gossip Girl S1-2
    Blade the Series
    Dead Like Me S1-2
    Er S13
    OTH S3-6
    Random X-Files from the first 4 seasons.
    Ghost Whisperer S1-3
    Charmed S1,2,3,4,5,7,8
    Moonlight S1
    True Blood S1
    Glee S1
    Heroes S4 Lastest two episodes. (14/15)

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  • 'Elena

    do you buy any chance have bionic woman?

  • ºYourmagicalfantasy
    luv ºYourmagicalfantasy

    Actress/Actor: Bethany Joy Which Movie or Tv Series: One Tree Hill If Series, Which Season: 4 Whats Your Url: SuddenDisasterx What Colour for Url: red How Many: 5 Have you give love with this request: yes

  • Faith.

    Thanks:D Its okay ^^

  • 'Kate

    Thank you babes:DD

  • Miss Independant
    luv Miss Independant

    Actress/Actor: Chris Pine Which Movie or Tv Series: Princess Diaries 2 If Series, Which Season: --- Whats Your Url: _prettygirl What Colour for Url: pink How Many: 10 Have you give love with this request: yes

  • Destiny Workshop
    Destiny Workshop

    Message to Duchess Anastasia Ivanka Nikolaevna : Sorry I don't do those

  • 'Alexis

    Yay thanks so much:D

  • 'Alexis


  • 'Alexis
    luv 'Alexis

    Hey this is the alexis below bebo deleted my page:/ my username is still the same (: and heres the love for the animations (:

  • Devious Angel

    Thank you:) Happy <2010>

  • Destiny Workshop
    Destiny Workshop

    Don't Have Grey's Anatomy Stop Requesting it!!

  • 'Read The Blog
    luv 'Read The Blog

    Actress/Actor: Taylor Momsen Which Movie or Tv Series: Gossip Girl If Series, Which Season: 1-3 (not bothered) Whats Your Url: xDisasterZone What Colour for Url: white How Many: 5 Have you give love with this request: no, but ill give it anyway (:

  • Devious Angel

    Actress/Actor: Travis Wester(Harry Spengler) Which Movie or Tv Series: Supernatural If Series, Which Season: Season 3--Ghostfacers is the episode Whats Your Url: perfectangel_ What Colour for Url: any How Many: 5 Have you give love with this request: free

  • 'Kate

    Actress/Actor: Hayden Paniettere Which Movie or Tv Series: Hereos If Series, Which Season: 2 Whats Your Url: SugarPieA What Colour for Url: White How Many: 5


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