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Kia ora people.niSha pUla vINAGar, n Talofa lava.

6/16/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 30
  • from home
  • Last active: 12/8/11
  • www.bebo.com/Geoffnliz
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About Me

Hi!!! n HellOW 2 yOU all Kiunkey a ma, maka ai le, king kig kong honolu sahu saluh lele x2 mitia tahua sosai anhi,Ekho lemoh salah manhy pecko e roro tahine ekoeko mai ninimho taua te raloh pihlow pUla vinaGa tuikOna, mara mah sausi mahie nga kai kahu nga kai foro nirogho.,,,.
Me, Myself, and I
Hi!!! n HellOW 2 yoU aLL,,,,wellCoMe 2 mY desTIny
hoPE u eNjoY DA RIdE WItH Me or ElsE STay Da helL
AsFar aS FroM mY PAGe,,,,,

If you happen 2 stand 4 nothing,
U will end up falling 4 anything
so cHoose wiseLy wHile we go oN
reMembeR HolY CHRIsT IS WaTching aboVe
Glory 2 God in da Highiest,
N piece 2 His People on earth

Outgoing femAle from aUckland!! only heA 2 make more frienDs,,
Love fishing,,,driNking,,,n ,,,meeting ur sElf,,,
The Other Half Of Me
Faulafo Cowley

Faulafo Cowley

hi! tingie wingie!!!lLoVe u heAps, i bet u knoW!!!

Always da Evaeva from Sunshine Coast.
what ever suits my mode at da time
Scared Of
unexpected faalavelave ha ha!!!!.n ur stAring looKing fAce.
Happiest When
everyones out of da house

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  • LiVE UR life 2 dA fullest till de end of time!!

    The hardest thing 2 learn in life is,<<which bridge 2 cross n which 2 burn>>!!!.

    xx -MArriage is a triump of imaginAtion oVer intelligence
    xx-A 2nd marriAge is a triump of hope over experiance

    Advice 4 loVe 1<<>>!!<<<

    Find someone who calls u b-u-t-full instead of hot>>>
    Find someone who calls u back when u hang up da phone
    Find someone who kisses ur forhead instead of somewhere else
    Find someone who shows u off 2 da world
    Find someone who holds ur hands infront of a crowd
    Find someone who thinks u r just as pretty with out make on
    Find someone whos constantly reminding u of how much he cares
    Find someone who says how lucky he is 2 have u
    N someone who turns 2 his friends n families n says,,, she is da oNe

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  • Sammy Saia
    luv Sammy Saia

    hart u

    11/2/10 via Mobile
  • Baby IngliS
    luv Baby IngliS

    Hha yea thankz aunty! Yea my mum said she will call yew! Tel Jeremy and family I said hi and thankz 4 dah ps3 ! I play iht 24/7 lol ! Anywayz tawk to yew soon aunty luv yewz guyz heapz and god bless!

    10/29/10 via Mobile
  • JAyy C
    JAyy C

    sup x

    10/6/10 via Mobile
  • Izah Toomata.
    Izah Toomata.

    Lols fanx foa tha invite ! Bt hus dz ? X

    9/26/10 via Mobile
  • luv Tracy Paulo

    hey sistra a nei tata'a lo'u vae matua:L :L :L lol babys good ayeh...how bout u??ua mai lou aiga??n baba??

  • Dee
    luv Dee

    heyy yeahh we r al gud its nice 2 hear from you take care

  • Elaine Toomalatai
    luv Elaine Toomalatai

    haha i dnt mind u asking dat lol.everyone always ask me hehe..and nope i dnt have any kids ayee...and everyones algud downs this ways...hw u guyss been?anways take care.muj alofas

    9/20/10 via Mobile
  • Emma

    heya. malo 4 d addz. Hav we met? =)

    9/20/10 via Mobile
  • Sophie Davis
    luv Sophie Davis

    ookkk..a heart 4 u

  • Maureen Dee
    luv Maureen Dee

    thankz for da add......:) .....

  • ' Sinta.
    ' Sinta.

    oh jokxx haha bhtt ii usd to sty in otahuhu hehe '?

    9/7/10 via Mobile
  • Lisa Asiata'
    Lisa Asiata'

    Heyy:)) thanxx for the addz:)) ??

  • -Destiny Asiata
    luv -Destiny Asiata

    Hello hw are u ? Hope everything is good your ways xx.

    9/1/10 via Mobile
  • ANthonyy
    luv ANthonyy

    heyy.. Sori 4da late 1:) heartt 4 you...

    8/30/10 via Mobile
  • ' Sinta.
    ' Sinta.

    -Heyyah shotts 4 tha adds lol bhtt uhmm whos ths '? :DD In reply to: "Kia ora people.niSha pUla vINAGar, n Talofa lava." by Geoffnliz

  • Mondo Superman
    luv Mondo Superman

    thanks for the adds

  • Faithhyy Tauiliili
    luv Faithhyy Tauiliili

    heheh oh okay then yeah babys fine but it kicks me too much lol hows jetah ?

  • Faithhyy Tauiliili
    luv Faithhyy Tauiliili

    hows poker you winning yet lol

  • ShAwty
    luv ShAwty

    haha okay well heart you back ..

  • ShAwty
    luv ShAwty

    haha oh realy haha you must be related to my other half as in lupe lol but wateva you say funi much lol


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