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Stacey Marie Mc Evoy

‘ღ★.•°°•ღ★HELLLOOOOO IS THERE ANY1 OUT THERE!! every1 must b on face book lol

8/5/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 27
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: November 2009
  • Last active: 7/28/11
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About Me

ღ★.•°°•LiFe Is WaT U MaKe It.,. SoOo MaKe It LaStღ★.•°°•
Me, Myself, and I
♥«´¨`•°stacey °•´¨`»
ღ★Meღ★ Well Im Just ME
In A Hairdressers in Newry I LUVVV the PPL i work with IVE got da BEST BOSSES n the BEST work M8s U cud ask 4.,., BUTTT i HATE hairdresssing d'nt ask ME y !! I just do!,., I am lookin 4 a JOB that suits xX ME Xx but i D'nt think such a job exists.,.
EvERy WhERE n N.E where LUVVV the RELIC ppl say its a SH!T HOLE but i ave sum of my BEST nyts out in that place.,., i LOVE to DANCE cant say im N.E gud but i love it just let loose n rave da bit out.,., Whoop whoop
I PLAY HARD have FUNN i just C'NT help but MESS al da time,.,., I Luv play jokes on ppl,.,., im just a RAVEIN MESSER its ssoooooooo FUN !!!!!.,.,
xX* I Think thats me LOVE it R H8 it,., just GET USE to it *Xx
,¡i|¹i¡¡i¹|i¡,. ღ★ღ★ღ★
ღ★.•°°•music ღ★.•°°•
ღ★musicღ★ Where do i start ?!?!B every1 luvvvs B, ., BEYONCE is 1 of the greats female singers in the World, i just cant get enuf ., ., PINK is great love her, she has got so much ATTITUDE it just shows in her music ., ., BLACK EYED PEAS have released soo many songs u can dance to, .. they are the BEST GROUP of all time.., MICHEAL JACKSON who does'nt love jacko he is such an INSPERTATION to every1, . ppl shud b more like JACKO, .,
I just love N.E music ya can dance to RAVE, POP, R'n'B, DANCE, OLD SKOOL everything realy
ღ★.•°°•movies ღ★.•°°•
ღ★moviesღ★ I love FUNNY ones, SAD ones, SCARY ones, ROMATIC ones ACTION ones OLD ones and ESPECIALY xX* DISNEY *Xx i love all moveis
ღ★.•°°•sports ღ★.•°°•
ღ★sportsღ★ im not an avid fan of sport, ., . but i do support MANCHESTER UNITED the GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME altho my loverly boyfreind supports liverpool soo it gets quiet HEATED when we talk bout the FOOTIE lol , ., .
ღ★.•°°•scared of ღ★.•°°•
ღ★terrifiedღ★ of the RESSESION i am ALWAYS broke its CRUEL to ppl how want 2 have fun, ., ., failing my DRIVING TEST its so much PRESSURE, ., ., SPIDERS Y have they got so many LEGS U ONLY NEED 2 LEGS 2 walk eewwwwwwwwwwhhh
ღ★.•°°•happiest when ღ★.•°°•
ღ★happest whenღ★ im with KIERAN aaaawwwwwhhh wat can i say LOVE HIM 2 BITS., ., ., he is sooooo gud to me treats me like a PRINCESS , ., and who doesn't want 2 be treated like a princess, ., .cosss i certainly do, N.E way he is the BEST and I LOVE HIM
ღ★.•°°•hate ღ★.•°°•
ღ★hateღ★ i HATE a SH!T ATMOSPHERE there is nothing worse, ., o wait yes there is AWKARDNESS i HATE with a passion there is nothing that is more uncomfortable that that., . i also hate GIRLS who have absolutly no REPECT 4 THEMSELVES, ., they just jump in to bed with N.E 1, ., they think there soo COOL but there not, ., IF YOU DONT RESPECT URSELVE NO FELLA IN THIS WORLD WILL RESPECT YOU, ., GET IT IN TO UR HEAD even talkin about these things get me so wound up !!!?!

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  • Maria Mc Crink
    luv Maria Mc Crink

    ack hello wee missey :)) how are ya?? ma 1st wee love 4 ya xxxxxxx

  • Nikki Mcquade
    Nikki Mcquade

    hu you callin an alco??lol :L . aw i had a mad nite was clas craic..we def have to get again :) any craic? x0x

  • Ashley Lowe

    ye stayd ther al nyt.

    6/1/10 via Mobile
  • luv Ashley Lowe

    ye was gud crk wbu.

    6/1/10 via Mobile
  • luv Ashley Lowe

    ye was gud crk payn 4 it nw tho sore head no muny car at da orchard lol

    5/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Ashley Lowe

    lol no sure my fone was fckn bout so cudnt take any. Ye wil av 2 do it again wen use away.

    4/27/10 via Mobile
  • luv Ashley Lowe

    It was aload of shit spent da most of da nyt lukn 4 evry1 us lot av 2 get a nyt in bnbrdge sum wkend sick of lukn a newry wat u say?

    3/10/10 via Mobile
  • Cathal Mac
    luv Cathal Mac

    ye fukin brill nite lik at tinchy nd sat 1 of d best nites eva, gud times ave sum luv :)

  • Cathal Mac
    luv Cathal Mac

    ye was fukin unreal, got a bit drunk tho cud ave been more, ya headin ot dis weekend?

    2/25/10 via Mobile
  • Clairey Savo
    luv Clairey Savo

    ach well mrs hows urself?? aww reli :( me&zo wer sayin the other day we hadnt been in relic in yrs must get hit :L :L wasnt out from last wkend was workin flat out shite crak altogether prob make up for it this wkend :L .. well dun in the quiz! its yrssss old must make a new one & u got the same sore as zo, hi 5 :L any scandel?? love :D ---> xx

  • luv Ashley Lowe

    Jst went 2 da cinema then ad a few drnks in da ouse wat use do sat.

    1/25/10 via Mobile
  • luv Ashley Lowe

    Nt much wbu jst ad a c.o in da ouse den went dwn 2 ians.

    1/22/10 via Mobile
  • Cathal Mac
    luv Cathal Mac

    na nt nitemares, jus hav pictures come into my mind, im mentaly scared 4 life, hw it ever got released i wil never knw, i recommend it lol

    1/18/10 via Mobile
  • Maria
    luv Maria

    ave sum bck chicko ill ave to move ya bck to the top spot naw :) wat ya upto??????? xoxoxoxo

  • Clairey Savo
    luv Clairey Savo

    well mrs hows u?? ya out over wkend?? was in bank fri nite was shiteeee was fukin froze ta bits swear to god :L :L wasnt the besta crak wen i was workin 8 next mornin i tells ye near broke me fukin neck outside me house nuttin to do wiv the high heels :L :L antics on pause till next wkend :P well till thursday anyway :L :L :P xxx

  • luv Ashley Lowe

    Ye was gud crk nw u do much lstnyt?

    1/3/10 via Mobile
  • Clairey Savo
    luv Clairey Savo

    nah no buzz mrs nun atall.. how'd ya get xmas over u? was in canal court sat nite & the bank sun nite was alrite lik, ya head anywher urself?? u hittin anywher over new yrs? duno what im doin yet, defo not headin out new yrs eve fukin hate it, prob make up for it fri sat sun thou :L :L

  • luv Ashley Lowe

    Nt yet no, ye was gud nyts crk use do much ova da wknd.

    12/21/09 via Mobile
  • Xox Bambi Xox
    luv Xox Bambi Xox

    fuck al hi savin its shit cant wait 4 xmas going to be some craic xoxoxox

  • luv Ashley Lowe

    Ha ha ha fck ur funny

    12/18/09 via Mobile