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I seem to have chewed in to the back of my face at least 5mm ABOVE my molars... Like, how does that even happen?

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  • Train Conversations

    Tara: "Emma and I were thinking about cosplaying Sherlock!"
    Me: "It'd be great if she went as Benedict and you went as Jude Law, and you were both all; 'Goddamnit!'" :L
    Tara: "Actually, that'd be awesome! :L I think we were planning on doing that!"
    Me: "Well, you can't go as Martin, all you'd have to do is put on a cardi!"

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  • SHIPS!

    One True Pairing:
    > Doctor/Jack
    > Doctor/Master
    > Dean/Castiel
    > Snape/Lily
    > Draco/Harry
    > Ron/Hermione
    > Tonks/Lupin
    > Sirius/Lupin [even if it’s not romantic, they should always be together]
    > Lucius/Narcissa
    > Bill/Fleur
    > Teddy/Victoire
    > Arthur/Molly
    > Gambit/Rogue
    > Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
    > Sherlock/John Watson
    > Sheldon/Penny
    > Aragorn/Legolas
    > Aragorn/Boromir
    > Merry/Pippin

    > Doctor/Donna [friends]
    > Lily/James
    > Snape/Lucius
    > Snape/Bellatrix
    > Scabior/Tonks
    > Scabior/Bellatrix
    > Harry/Ginny [book only]
    > Neville/Luna
    > Luna/Draco
    > Scabior/Hermione [if done properly]
    > Albus/Scorpius
    > Rose/Scorpius
    > Aragorn/Arwen

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  • Freakin' NERD y'all!!

    ?| Girlish |?
    [x] I love at least one shade of pink.
    [ ] I don't like being messy.
    [x] My belongings are organized.
    [ ] I don't like rock music.
    [ ] I like wearing accessories all the time.
    [ ] Bright colours amaze me. (casually put a "u" in there....)
    [ ] I hate black.
    [ ] I go to the salon once a week.
    [ ] I comb my hair almost all the time.
    [x] I bring my phone with me everywhere.
    Total: 3

    ?| Boyish |?
    [ ] I wear baggy pants.
    [x] I play video games.
    [x] I listen to boy bands.
    [x] I like wearing jackets with hoods.
    [x] I'm too lazy to do chores.
    [ ] I don't like shopping.
    [ ] I like to go bungee jumping.
    [ ] I like being sweaty.
    [x] I'm a big fan of marvel heroes.
    [x] I barely wear perfume.
    Total: 6

    ?| Nerdy |?
    [x] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket.
    [x] I enjoy studying.
    [x] I wear glasses.
    [x] I'm a straight "A" student.
    [ ] I've never skipped any class in my whole life.
    [ ] I like my shirt tucked in
    [x] My favourite subject is science.
    [x] I enjoy reading books.
    [x] My assignments are always passed on time.
    [x] I correct people with their grammar. (and spelling, all these "u"'s missing!)
    Total: 8

    ?| Emo |?
    [x] I love the colour black.
    [x] I always sit at the corner.
    [x] One side of my hair is covering one side of my face unless behind ear.
    [x] I like listening to metal rock music.
    [x] I have a lot of problems in my life.
    [x] I'm not much of a loud person.
    [ ] I don't have that many friends.
    [ ] I barely have fun.
    [x] I barely go out with my folks or friends.
    Total: 7

    ?| Childish |?
    [ ] I am open to my parents.
    [x] I sleep with a stuff toy
    [ ] I watch cartoons.
    [ ] I don't like scary movies.
    [ ] I sleep with a night light.
    [ ] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit.
    [ ] I'm scared of roller coasters.
    [x] I like being with my family relatives.
    [ ] I take bubble baths.
    [ ] I've ran around the house in my underwear.
    Total: 2

    ?| Popular |?
    [x] A lot of people adore me.
    [ ] I hangout with the coolest crew. (hell yeah!)
    [ ] My parents are loaded.
    [ ] I get everything I want.
    [ ] I don't wear the same outfit twice.
    [x] I always have the latest gadgets.
    [x] I'm updated to the latest gossips.
    [x] I don't like people blocking my way.
    [x] I have a lot of friends.
    [x] A lot of people look at me. (never for a good reason though)
    Total: 6

    Girlish: 3
    Boyish: 6
    Nerdy: 8
    Emo: 7
    Childish: 2
    Popular: 6

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  • Rocket Queen.
    luv Rocket Queen.

    I love you ^_^

  • Jeorgia
    luv Jeorgia

    Ayeishaa :D How are yoou? :) Haven't been online here for a while lol. :D

  • Kirsten

    Haha, thanks, I will:L

  • Rocket Queen.
    luv Rocket Queen.

    WOOHOOOOO, IZZY! /collects pretty dogs.

  • Rocket Queen.
    luv Rocket Queen.

    I'm not sure! But Slash was at the Hilton a few weeks ago; fuckin' staked that one out for four hours; should have brough Jack and a net. /sigh. xD

  • Rocket Queen.
    luv Rocket Queen.

    Kaaaaay, got it. x) /hands JD.

  • Rocket Queen.
    Rocket Queen.

    Oh god, oh god! I may join you. Should we get the Jack?

  • Rocket Queen.
    luv Rocket Queen.

    Look at all the rainbows and unicorns!

  • Rocket Queen.
    luv Rocket Queen.


  • Kirsten
    luv Kirsten

    o_O Keep your insane ramblings to yourself:L

  • Kirsten
    luv Kirsten

    No problem:DD How was your birthday? Haha, still I no from me I'm afraid:L I was going to attach a picture of some guy climing out of a cake but with Alan Rickman's face crudely pasted on it:L Then I thought of using a pic of Slash and his cake saying Happy Birthday Fucker or whatever it was but I was out gaming with friends so I could only use the net for a secong before getting yelled at for not logging onto COD 4. See the things I do for you?:L

  • Kirsten
    luv Kirsten


  • Jade
    luv Jade

    It's really upsetting when that happens :( :O I wish we had another symbol, not just $, we're so boring! If it's a book that'll be read once, that makes sense... but what if it's like a biography? I have so many biographies :L Yeah, they've done that here too and I always lose the receipt >.< atleast the date can't be lost in the back of the book :/ Yeah, I think it's a dollar a day per book :/

  • Jade
    luv Jade

    That's true :L Sheep-skin rugs feel soooo nice! :L It's quite sad when they get worn out though, they're not as nice then :/ Oh okay! £3k? That's alot cheaper then :L Hey, on your keyboard do you have $ or £, or both? Why? When I get books out from the library I have to extend them for months and months :L Apparently I have overdue books, but I haven't been in a year! I don't know what books they're talking about :/

  • Jade
    luv Jade

    It is :L Ugh, I don't know what their problem is with me, I never did anything bad to them. :/ Haha! That's fair enough... my friend has the nicest feeling carpet, so I'll take my socks off there and just sit in their lounge feeling their carpet... I could sleep on her carpet and be happy! :L You got fish?! What'd you name them? I got a camera/usb thingy and lots of books (:

  • Jade
    luv Jade

    Oof, but it's so hard not to eat so much! I enjoyed the morning and then the cemetery, but after that I was spending it with people who weren't making me feel welcome :( I miss how Christmas used to be :/ You don't like wearing socks?! Why? :L See, that's what Christmas is about! Wicked! What'd you get? I spent the morning with my family and said bye to Sharlene who's gone to England, then went to the cemetery and then for lunch went to my stepdad's family's lunch.

  • Jade
    luv Jade

    Sick on Christmas?! That sucks! I'm good, just waiting for the whole Christmas thing to be over :/ Haha, well I'm on holiday anyway :P Naw, I'm still jealous! Oh, that's true, I was wearing a jumper and jeans yesterday and it was like, 20°C or something :/ I was jealous of my Dad (he lives in Aus) 'cos it was 40°C there and he has a pool. But I'm not going to tell him that :L How was your Christmas?

  • Jade
    luv Jade

    Hey Ayeisha! How's everything? How's the snow? You might think I'm insane, but I'm jealous, I wish it snowed here :(

  • luv Sarah

    That's good :) Ehh, mainly school...except for this past week. I've been sick as hell :S I'm such a wimp...the minute the weather starts to get chilly, I get sick. Either that or my friend caused it. Whatever it was, he'll pay for it anyway...:L How bout you? :) Oh, and I read one of your HP stories the other day...it really cheered me up! (from being sick) So yeah, thanks :P

  • luv Sarah

    Hey :) Same here. I'm fine, wbu?