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Gary Mullin

OMFG i actually love justin bieber so much after looking at his videos on youtbe :O check it out :O

5/22/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 16, Luv 254
  • from Roscommon
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: November 2009
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  • www.bebo.com/GaryM2114
Me, Myself, and I
Well ppl..?! :D Yep!! Tis only me! 8) ..Feck all to say rly :Z , jst tat I's in the in CBS....Drop in nd leave a commo, and sure i'l get back to ye soon enuf! :DD

heeeeeeey dre :D guess who :P its niamh nd emma da gays of da village :L don't say da it's tacky :L <--- sorry da was emma bein a gimpanzee :L gud times gud times, wait u werent dre :P creggs tomoro ehh ;o nd jacks thursday ;o YEEEEESSSSS :L ya c da battery went ouu in mi laptop dre liokee two secs ago nd i thought this would be all deleted buh its nt so YEEES :L anywho, u a ledgend and i love yah :* DRAKE AND JOSH :L mtv in my housee :P SHE HAD A LAZY EYE :O eminem is the bomb :D no emma ,, gary is :L imma tired :Z x factor was gud tanite:P wagner shoulda got da boot in my onion :L (opinion :L ) chaat yaa lataa :) we'll be bak ;o

Roisin Hanly's a legend! :D

Slipknot, BUCKETHEAD, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, tool, flobots, fight like apes, fleet foxes, tiesto, tired pony the happy medium, malakai, the seahorses, jefferson airplane, kids in glass houses, jonny greenwood, phil selway, ed o'brien, fraction, creed, white denim, the bravery, badly drawn boy, angus and julia stone, animal collective, doves, metronomy, BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB, two door cinema, villagers, miike snow, julian plenti, maccabees, biffy clyro, BLOC PARTY, editors, elbow, foals, franz ferdinand, glasvegas, placebo, the rifles, gorrilaz, mumford and sons, the drums, the xx, the antlers, hollywood undead, innerpartysystem, gaslight anthem, interpol, MANSUN, muse, example, panic! at the disco, red hot chilli peppers, joy division, kanye west, cream, kasabian, the drums, klaxons, linkin park, apocolyptica, marmaduke duke, the futureheads, ladyhawke, the kills, joe lean and the jing jang jong, get cape wear cape fly, james yuill, THE NATIONAL jape, julian casablancas, them crooked vultures, friendly fires, shinici osawa, jose gonzales, gossip, audioslave, rage against the machine, alix lambert, travis dickerson, grizzly bear, eddie vedder, the kooks, athlete, ham sandwich, RADIOHEAD, blur, weezer, we are scientists, alice in chains, the bluetones, the bravery, cathy davey, beck, cold war kids, portishead, the cribs, daft punk, counting crows, damien dempsey, yeasayer, the flaming lips, foo fighters, example, enter shikari, gossip, the go! team, hard fi, ian brown, iron and wine, the posies, jimmy eat world, keane, kerbdog, kings of leon, julian plenti, thom yorke, led zeppelin, oasis, p.o.d, papa roach, passion pit, pink floyd, PEARL JAM, a perfect circle, queens of the stone age, r.e.m., the raconteurs, prodigy, the rapture, the shins, rogue wave, rolling stones, santigold, scott mathews, smashing pumpkins, the streets, the strokes, soundgarden, travis, vampire weekend, tool, suede, temper trap, washed out, white stripes, willy mason, wombats& the antlers all get my vote!

Human traffic, snatch, taken, step brothers, all the resident evil films, zombieland etc..
Shaunas Box (:
Heeeeeeey Gaaaaaaary :P

Guess Hu , Its Meeee :L Teheehee Yar' SoO Cool D'yaa No Da :B ii Wear Yar' Uniform :L :L awwh Whaa aa Funny Daii :L Marker Fight Bahahaa uu Gave Mee Lynx :O CHOCOLATE Lynx :o awwwh Niamh && uu Bless ;o Yar' aa VERY Lucky Lad :)

Weel Anyways ii Gotta Go,
Don't Worry , ill b bk ;o :L

Byeeeeeeeee :B

Shauna x ..

Lyb ..
Annemaries box (:

Heey , Gary .. :D Annemarie 3ree signin' Ur pagee .. :) Youu are cool 8) Uv been trough alot ... :( Buu so dus everyone elce so just forget bout it .. :P any way'z iimma goo noww .. :D Byeeee . :)) x O x

Yo :B its roisin here :DD just signin ur page 2 tell yeah that ur a cool dude:DD .. Ur so sound and funnyy:DD we've been thru alot of bad things lately:o:L But got thru dem:) .. Ur sch a ledge:DD Rite thats all i gotta say 4 now, roisin :B xxxxx

close What Cigarette Brand Are You?

What Cigarette Brand Are You?

Marlboro Lights

You have style! And take great pride and time over your looks. You like nothing better than hanging out with mates and listening to some new local unsigned music. You are also health aware, with Marlboro Lights being the lowest in Tar and Nicotine!

close Which cookie are you?

Which cookie are you?

Sugar Cookie

You are extremely social but you tend to spend a bit too much time on your image. Remember to love yourself on your inside not just your outside.

close What Are You Exactly ??

What Are You Exactly ??


You Enjoy Hurting People Who Ar'nt Dressed Like You And You Particularly despise The Emo Race. You Are intolerant And Rude. You Hang Round In Groups And Wear Fake Brands. You Will Most Likely Be Seen On Street Corners After Hours And Listen To The Musical Stylings Of NDUBZ :) Cool

close Which Grand Theft Auto Character Are You?

Which Grand Theft Auto Character Are You


Ill Have 2 number 9's a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number 7 2 number 45's and a large soda.Dam you have a big stomach but you back it up with your wepons from emmet...

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  • Condoms!!!

    1.) Sainsbury's flavoured condoms...Making life taste better!
    2.) Tesco's condoms...every little helps!
    3.) Nike condoms...just do it!
    4.) Craig David condoms...Whats your flava?
    5.) UCI cinema condoms...coming soon!
    6.) Peugeot condoms...the ride of your life!
    7.) New galaxy textured condoms...why have rubber when you can have silk?
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    13.) Gilette condoms...the best a man can get!
    14.) Insette condoms...for the extra hold!
    15.) Mcdonalds condoms...im lovin it!
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    17.) treseme condoms...used by professionals!
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    20.) andrex condoms...soft strong and very long!
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    25.) Red bull condoms...gives you wings!
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    27.) Duracell condoms...you can just keep goin and goin!
    28.) Pepperami condoms...its a bit of an animal!
    29.) Renault condoms...size really doesnt matter!
    30.) Winders condoms...screamin 4 more!
    31.) Halfords condoms...we go the extra mile!
    32.) KFC condoms...they're finger lickin good!
    33.) Malteser's condoms...they melt in your mouth not in your hands!
    34.) Coca cola condoms...the real thing!

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  • Duffman Quotes! OOOHH YEAH!!

    Duffman: Hey Duff lovers! Does anyone in this bar loooove Duff?
    Carl: Hey, it\\\'s Duffman!
    Lenny: Newsweek said you died of liver failure.
    Duffman: Duffman can never die, only the actors who play him. Ooh yeah!

    Duffman: Duffman can\\\'t breathe! OH NO!

    Duffman: Duffman thrusting in the direction of the problem!

    Titanya: But Duffman, you said if I slept with you I wouldn\\\'t have to touch the drunk!
    Duffman: Duffman... says a lot of things! Oh, yeah!

    Duffman: Duffman wants to party down with the man who sent in 10,000 Duff labels to bring me here today. I\\\'ve got a bottomless mug of new Duff Extra Cold for, Barney Gumbel!
    All: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
    Barney: I can\\\'t, I\\\'m the designated driver!
    (Everything stops)
    Duffman: Yeah that\\\'s swell, Duff wholeheartedly supports the designated driver program. Now! Who wants to Party!

    Duffman: That brown patch needs a little H2OooooYEH!

    Duffman: Duffman\'s pension has been mis-managed...ooooh yeah!

    Duffman: New feelings brewing inside Duffman... What... WOULD JESUS DO?!

    Duffman: Everything going dark, like Duff Stout. The beer that made Ireland famous.

    Duffman: Are you ready for some Duff love?!?!?

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  • Trainspotting

    "Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers...choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit crushing game shows, stuffing junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself. Choose a future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that?"

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close Whats your Favorite Fallout 3 weapon

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Radiohead - House of Cards

close what MW2 gun are you??

What MW2 gun are you?

mini uzi

you are small, fast and strong!!

close what guitarist are you???

What guitarist are you????

My result is: Buckethead

you are the master of all musical genres! buckethead isn't just an amazing rock guitarist but he also composes and plays jazz, classical, blues, soul and many more different styles of guitar. He also writes theme tunes for films such as the mortal kombat theme tune and saw 2! but he will never be taken seriously because of the KFC bucket on his head.
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;o;o Sly
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8)8) Shades
<moon>[moon] Moon
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<sparkler>[sparkler] Sparkler
<redhat>[redhat] Redhat
<snowman>[snowman] Snowman
<light>[light] Light
<present>[present] Present
<dreidel>[dreidel] Dreidel
<snowflake>[snowflake] Snowflake
<2010>[2010] 2010
<clover>[clover] Clover
<rednose>[rednose] Rednose
<pumpkin>[pumpkin] Pumpkin
<cupid>[cupid] Cupid
<gold>[gold] Gold
<silver>[silver] Silver
<bronze>[bronze ] Bronze
<bebosummer>[bebosummer ] Bebosummer
<vampire>[vampire ] Vampire
<skull>[skull] Skull
<ghost>[ghost] Ghost
<brains>[brains] Zombie
<wild>[wild ] Green
<fresh>[fresh ] Yellow
<snappy>[snappy ] Orange
<flirty>[flirty ] Red
<sweet>[sweet ] Pink
<classic>[classic ] Purple

close What gun should you use in mw2?

What gun should you use in mw2?


Fully automatic with good stopping power at short to medium range

close What Punk Category Are You

What Punk Category Are You

Harcore Punk, Crossover Thrash

You have a pretty open taste in music, you like a good party, you may be into skateboarding, your pretty much into most of the other descriptions of punk bands and just love punk!
You like pretty much all punk rock (except from pop punk, ew!) But your favs are, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Discharg, The Exploited e.t.c.
You are also into metal music and have been for a long time.

close Which Rock Band Are You

Which Rock Band Are You?

The Beatles

he Beatles were an English rock and pop group formed in Liverpool in 1960 who became one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music.
During their years of international stardom, the group consisted of John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals). Although their initial musical style was rooted in 1950s rock and roll and skiffle, the group worked with different musical genres, ranging from Tin Pan Alley to psychedelic rock. Their clothes, style and statements made them trend-setters, while their growing social awareness saw their influence extend into the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s.

close Which Undead Creature are you?

Which Undead Creature are you?


You would be brought from the dead as a vampire; a very powerful and charismatic being that feeds on life itself. Odaxelagnia may make the biting seem very sexual. And it probably is.