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balaclava models

NEW SONGS UP ON MYSPACE, LET US KNOW WOT U THINK http://www.myspace.com/balaclavamodels

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Stake Bake Records Major Label
Dundee UK
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Me, Myself, and I
Aryt there wre the Balaclava Models, a new three piece band to hit the dundee music scene.
The band is made up of three ex members of 'Loose Cannons'. Mikey Gray, Darren Loftus and Craig Andrews, weve got a few songs recorded and be recording iafter christmas, We'll keep you posted so until then add the band n dish oot the red, you winna be dissapointed, cheerie xxx

myspace - www.myspace.com/balaclavamodels

Mikey Gray - lead guitar and vocals

Loftus - bass and backing vocals

Craig andrews - Drums

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  • Gig review from The Doghouse 17.7.10


    BALACLAVA MODELS - Doghouse, Dundee 17-07-10
    Now, technically, I was on a night off from reviewing, largely coz I had no idea until the night before that the gig I was meant to attend, had been cancelled, that the three bands - Deadlight Red, Balaclava Models and Ch Cha Heels - were playing and, finallly, that I'd be having a night out with the wonderful Sarah C. Nothing was planned - it was fun all the way. Deadlight Red came on and played as superb set - great songs, touches of seventies dual guitar storms and really deep, tight playing - with me and Sarah at the bar side of stage, chatting, observing and generally looning around. The guys out of the Balaclava band had come up to us and been chatting about things - "thanks for the reviews", they kindly said - as had most of the musicians in The Doghouse that night, come to that (I must be doing something right!!) - and that was, I thought, that!
    On stage saunter the Balaclava Models and, while the drummer set up, the guitarist treated us to a fine series of riffs and rhythms, such an amazing player for one so young, immediately grabbing the audience's attention. Then iot was time to fly - as the band blasted in to the opening number "Paranoid" with clipped riffing, attacking rhythms, fast-paced ska-esque beats, solid work from drums and bass, cyclical riffs from the guitarist who then promptly delivers the song with that John Lydon-meets-The View styled vocal of such great individuality and quality, you can't fail to be hooked. Within one minute, they'd got the whole audience doing everything from swaying to positively leaping about The Doghouse, so infectious is what they play. Immediately, you're hooked and it's time for lift-off. What follows next is an eruption as "Lyrical Disaster" races out of the PA at light speed, again the mix of indie, ska, rock 'n' roll and punk torpedoing into your head at the same time as defying you to dare to stand still in the wake of such a slice of searing heat commercially sound songwriting. Teying is breathtaking, the band tight as it gets, the vocals not missing a trick and the rhythm section propelling it all like a missile. There's a decided sense of "The Clash on steroids" or even "Clash-meets-The View in The Ramones factory", as it all ends far too soon - but that's the best way - leaves you wanting more. They do "Dazed And Confused" (their own track) and inject that with everything from Duane Eddy and Johnny Kidd era rock 'n'roll guitarring witht he volume turned right up, to vintage seventies punk and contemporary indie-ska magic, all performed and sung to perfection as the audience go wild, me and Sarah included. A couple more songs then they end with "Psycho", again, the song now adding a touch of menace to the vocals, more jangly guitar leads to the red hot riffs and chords as the choppy driving rhythm section really spur it all along, the whole thing mixing 5 decades of punk and pop and ska to a level that's 11 on a 10 scale.
    Overall, this was pop-punk in a consistent and cohesive diguise, songs that are as infinitely commercial as they are long-lasting listening pleasure, performed by a band - one of very few - who genuinely conform to what the original ethos of punk rock was all about in the seventies - yet laying down a gauntlet to everyone staing that they are a commercial force to be reckoned with. The label that signs these guys and sticks them in a studio to get their live sound honed to scything precision, is a label that's sitting on a goldmine - a stunning performance by a band who are...well....stunning!!
    They must have been good - Sarah was last seen dancing with the guitarist around the place to Cha Cha Heels - she loved the Balaclava Models songs - and so will you!!

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  • dead earnest song reviews

    One of Dundee's hottest young new bands provide us with the first fruits of the labours with a four-tracker that gives us a great example of their abilities, but those of us who have seen the band explode in a live concert setting will say that, good as these songs are, you still have to see them live to witness the power of the band in live action.. The EP starts with “Paranoid”, and right from the start you're rolling with the band as you get a band capable of producing a song with infectious rhythms, waves of verses on which you can sail with ease and a chorus that sticks in your head for hours after.. The guitar riffs away as the View-esque vocal provides the strength to the song as the rhythm section drives it forward with great crunch and addiction. The vocals are urgent and upfront, but with character, depth and distinction, while the guitar riffs away tastefully, as the lurching verses rise into strident choruses, the band mixing indie and ska with ease as the seemingly effortless joyride takes you along with it, the sort of song you'll be singing in your head ages after you've heard it. “Constructive Criticism” starts with strong bass as the guitars spirals in, the drums lurch away and the fast-paced vocal provides the verse with suitable bite and strength, but emotive, too, the accented sound absolutely perfect, as another strident song provides verse-as-chorus that you fall in love with from start to finish, the whole thing rolling along as you're listening to one of the finest songs The View never recorded, and that's a complement by the way. What works here is the band's simplicity of writing and arranging amounting to a sum that's much greater than the total of the individual components, a surefire sign that this band can write songs that are commercial winners for sure. “Dazed & Confused” is more urgent and anguished, as the clipped rhythms, roll along, bass right upfront and the guitar chiming away, splintering off at lead angles, as the song appears, says its peace, then ends, deliciously simple yet so effective. Finally, there's “Psycho”, another slice of urgency that is the sort of song that Dirty Wee Middens would have killed to have written, but instead of their Goth Horror treatment, what you have here is a mix of urgent indie and fast-paced ska as the biting vocals tell the tale on mesmerising verses and that memorable hook. The crisp, fast guitar riff leads into the briefest of lead breaks as the whole thing ends. Four superb examples that provide only a hint of the enormous potential of this band, a future that I'll be following with great interest.

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  • Our evew from the bread on the 18/02/10

    Now there was a third band playing - the bassist of the band spoke with me at the beginning and clearly knew me - I knew him - but couldn't for the life of me remember from where. Anyway, he was enthusing about his band. So, thinking I might know who they were, I hung on to see them. A trio of guitar bass and drums, the guitarist on lead vocals, the bassist on backing vocals, they set up, plugged in and the guitarist showed off some of his licks on the soundcheck and you thought "wow - this guy can really play the thing". I sat there thinking that I really didn't have a clue who they were and started to listen as the set began.
    Now - picture yourself back in the seventies. Imagine that, although not the best venue in the world and through a PA that's not exactly the clearest, you're witnessing The Clash for the very first time. You just KNOW that you're witnessing the birth of a band that's going to be massive. Or take the fierst time you caught The View once they'd honed their songs to perfection - again, you just KNEW this was history in the making.
    Well, I'm pleased to tell you that this band are next in line. They are, indeed, a fusion of early Clash and early classic View. What they performed tonight were six or seven songs that were not only mainly memorable on first hearing, not only performed with a passion, confidence, power and strength that many a more established band would kill to produce, but they were of such quality that, despite the muddy sound, you could see greatness sing out of every single one of them. A few years ago, I'd have been leaping around the venue like an idiot to these songs - luckily the rest of the audience were a great deal younger, and they did just that. These songs defy you not to dance, not to leap around madly, not to pogo with wreckless abandon - hell, one guy was even doing forward rolls on the snooker table!! You may think I'm over the top, but this was stunning - I'm sorry to the rest of the Dundee fraternity, but the next truly great young indie band have arrived. They have the attitude and some of the songwriting qualities of The Clash, they have the undoubted influence of The View, but what they've done with it is to mould it into a shape that's firmly their own, and they have an small set of followers who are complete lunatics. That, my friends, is the recipe for success - if I were you. I'd go out and see them now, tell every young friend you have, just how good they are and soon enough, the small band of fans will be an army. You hear it here first - absolutely awesome!! clicwww.deadearnest.btinternet.co.uk/Dun... to review

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