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WFW Deathwish 2009

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  • WFW:- Deathwish 2009 - PPV #2 - 22/11/09.

    - Event Name:- WFW Deathwish 2009.
    - Date:- Sunday, November 22nd, 2009.
    - Venue:- Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland.
    - Available Seating:- 50,000+ *SOLD OUT!*


    The cameras all fade into the Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. The ring fixed dead in the centre surrounded by 50,000+ people behind guard rails. The cameras fade to the top of the entrance ramp as pyro shoots off welcoming the start of the show. The pyro comes to a close and ‘Sorry You’re not a Winner’ by Enter Shikari begins to play. The fans erupt into applause for the Glasgow native.

    Buck Matthews -
    ”Some say that Scotland produce some of the best live crowds in the world and they’ve just proved It right here!”

    William Black walks from behind the WFW Deathwish set with a smirk on his face and the WFW Hardcore Title Belt strapped around his waist. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp and raises his arms above his head before dashing down the entrance ramp; high fiving the hands of all the fans hung over the guard rails at ringside. He reaches the foot of the ring and slides under the bottom rope before leaping up to the second turnbuckle.

    He removes his Hardcore Title Belt and raises it into the air much to the delight of his fellow Glaswegians. He steps down and slouches down in one of the corners with the Hardcore Title Belt draped over his shoulder. His music soon fades and is replaced by ‘Misery Business’ by Paramore.

    The fans jeer as Misery X walks out and cascades down the entrance ramp with a sour expression on his face. He walks around the ring and stops in front of the announcers desk. He shows a faint smile and in a flash he’s got possession of a steel chair! He throws it into the ring and it crashes against the cranium of the champion. William Black falls to the canvas clutching his head in agony. Misery X grabs another steel chair before rolling into the ring. The referee calls for the bell officially starting the match.

    Misery X bangs the steel chair against the canvas waiting for William Black to get to his feet; before he does Black secretly grabs the other steel chair. He keeps it out of Misery X’s sight as he staggers back to a vertical basis. He turns around and gets met with a vicious steel chair shot from Misery.

    But William Black counteracts the shot with a steel chair of his own! The two have a sword fight of sorts with the steel chairs before both simultaneously throwing them to the canvas before engaging in a collar and elbow tie-up. Black pulls him into the headlock before lifting him up for what looks like a back suplex! But William Black continues to hold the weight of Misery X. He staggers forwards and crotches him on the top rope.

    William Black smirks before springboarding off the second rope before delivering a picture perfect missile dropkick to the crotched Misery X. He collapses to the outside; William Black quickly exits the ring and continues the beat down on Misery X.

    He drags Misery X to his feet and drags him closer to the ring apron, but Misery X pushes William Black right into the steel ring post! William Black’s head cracks off the post before he falls to the barely matted concrete floor. Blood begins to gush from the gash in his forehead. Misery X looks pleased with himself as he begins his search for a wooden table. He pulls one from under the ring and pushes it under the bottom rope before rolling in after it. He sets it up near the turnbuckles; he smiles sadistically before exiting the ring to retrieve the now extremely bloodied William Black.

    He throws him back into the ring and hoists him up into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle, he locks in a three-quarter facelock on William Black and poses to the fans.

    Buck Matthews -
    ”He isn’t possibly thinking of putting William Black through the table with the ‘Misery Maker’… Is he!?”


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    I I v Important comment for you on the main page, Regarding my future here at WFW

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    World Frontier Wrestling

    Awww! Well you haven't promoed when you've been in a match in the past and you said you quit after I said WFW might be taking a week or two break... So yeah.

  • - Good Bye Devine

    :( :( No match the at the Event :- Deathwish-: