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Sophie Black

Randomly falling asleep O.o dang antipsychotics.

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Me, Myself, and I
Twilight Sophie

I'm Jacob Black's 'famous' little sister.
Love Sucks. I agree with my Brother.
Not going to put up with your crap.
Does not believe in Imprints
Dark Brown wolf. Nice. Sweet. Spicy
Telepathy with Pack.
Easily Angered.
Always gets hurt
Loved by some.
Hated by many
Yeah, I'm Legend.

**Look to the side to view other Sophie (: **
The Other Half Of Me


Do you always have to be the big brother?

So mostly I don't believe in imprints. Which means, that if I do, I probably wont notice until the imprinted one makes the move. So thats just a warning.
My rules are easy. I expect a great roleplay. That's all. No text talk.

Sophie is single in all roleplays. She will not go 'all the way' with Just any though. She will be permenatly imprinted with the best roleplayer. :DD make sense?!
Other Sophie:
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sophie. She was very clever and very smart. At age 4, she started correcting her older siblings spelling and grammar, and correcting her parent's work. The next thing you know, everything came to her almost as naturally as breathing does to normal people. She wanted to go into the most challenging school, and even was aimed to graduate early.. But that was when the government took Sophie away and toyed with her brain, sticking needles into it and making it so she could feel everything. In a way, she could be called a 'Reader.'
She speaks differently than others, and is literally screwed up in the head. But, she is still a genius, she just is a weapon now of mass destruction. She also has memories that aren't hers placed into her brain.

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  • Starters

    Okii, just to let you know. I just use these when I can not think or I'm in a horrible non shiny mood. I don't care what you think, but I will add something unique to all my starters, but you will never notice.


    Sophie laughs as she makes her way into the forest from the beach after school. her friends had just gotten into a huge fight and she found it amuzing mostly. She smiles and looks around slowly, before up at the so called 'sun'. You know, that big bright ball thing in the sky. She had said that to her friend who kept texting his girlfriend.
    The pack had a pack get together sort of thing which she figured she would skip, since she hated going just to get taught of told to do things. Though her dad would probably give her that huge lecture again. She walks through the open door of the Black's home, dropping her back pack right in front of the door and making her way to the kitchen.


    Sophie pouts her lip as her big brother, Jacob, drives her home angered by her carelessness about the vampires. The treaty was almost broken and she could care as much as an inch.
    As soon as Sam had come over, give a very 'teachable' talk to Sophie, she was out the door and running to the La Push beach. It was her own place to think I guess you could call it. She just loved it there. She let out a small sigh as she stares out at the funny looking shiny thing in the sky that was apparently called 'sun'.


    Sophie laughs as Billy takes her to Forks hospital. She was hurt. And wasn't healing quickly enough for being a shape shifter. Though she laughs because she thought of it as nothing though her big brother jacob kept saying to shut up or he would make her.

    She knew her brother all to well. He would try. Get yelled at by their dad. Sophie would laugh more and Jacob would pout. So she would win. She grin and pokes her tongue out at the nurse at the front desk. She had been here all to often. Made some friend too.
    Sophie wasn't aloud to drive yet. But she did anyway. Her car tumbled off a cliff and got hurt, almost killed. Though she thought of it as nothing.

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OOC;; Oh wow. Really nothing to say! This Jacob is in my top two best I've roleplayed with. They roleplay the same way so it is really hard to pick. I think he takes care of knowing that Sophie is his little sister really well.

Sophie;; Okay, so jacob, this is really hard to say, but I do love you. And I don't show it much. Ripping off your whiskers and fur and all. But I do loves you!

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  • 'AnnabelleBlack Apr 14
  • The Addicts Children
    The Addicts Children

    The girl was really starting to creep Leo out, not sure what to do, and knowing he couldn't just continue shopping, it was the way she said things that made it had for him to forces. He walked over with a displease look on his face
    " what the hell? Is there something wrong with you? Like really if it's so pointless way even say it. Like who gives a rat's ass how the candy is made. " he said kinda fast, therefore, needing to take a long deep breath after talking. He just looked at the girl not blinking now, really wanting to know what she going to do next.

  • -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf
    -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf

    [2/2] Pulling on a pair of shorts and a orange t-shirt Quil picked up his car keys from the coffee table, making sure he had his phone and wallet before leaving. Although Jake only lived around the corner, Quil still took his car cause he knew Sophie would want to get out of La Push for a bit. Pulling up outside the Black's house, Quil smiled seeing Sophie. "Did someone order a cab?" He asked, rolling down the window.

    12/7/12 via Mobile
  • -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf
    luv -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf

    OOC: I'm looking forward to it! :) [1/2] Heading back to the house Quil decided to have a quick shower, his trip to the beach had left him a bit sandy! And his clothes a bit dirty! Wrapping a towel around him, a small beeping noise went off which caused the boy to pick up his phone. Smiling he replied: "Alright, I'm just getting changed and then I'll be over"

    12/7/12 via Mobile
  • ºCarlisle
    luv ºCarlisle

    Carlisle glanced over at Esme. "Call an ambulance, it means I can stay with her until it gets here." He smiled and looks back at Sophie and he carries on helping her as best as he can, with what he has in his bag.

  • Vaughn

    Hi. Sure storyline or freestyle?

    12/3/12 via Mobile
  • -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf
    -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf

    OOC: Ah that sounds like a good idea :)

    Placing the girl in her bed, Quil gave her a small kiss upon her forehead, making sure Tina, her dancing teddy bear, was tucked under the quilt with her. As he left her room Quil heard a small beeping sound coming from his pocket, indicating that he had a message. Fishing his phone out of his pocket, Quil smiled as he saw the message.
    ”Yeah sure, fancy going somewhere out of La Push for a bit?” Pushing send, Quil looked back towards Claire's bedroom, she was going to be asleep for a couple of hours, so he might as well go out somewhere. He wasn't due to do any Wolf duties, or anything like that, so this sounded like a good idea to him.

  • -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf
    luv -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf

    OOC: Thanks :D

    Seeing that Claire was starting to get tired from the days antics, Quil stood up, keeping a hold of her feet so he was now giving her a piggy back and started heading back towards Emily's, trying to ignore the kicks Claire was now giving because she wasn't ready to go back. Claire knew that if she went back then she would have to go to sleep, which meant spending less time with Quil. For a three year old girl she was rather bright, and seeing as she knew how to manipulate Quil she was trying her hardest to get her way.
    ”Claire, if you don't stop kicking me then I will not come back later to see you.” Quil threatened, which caused the small girl to stop her actions, snuggling into Quil's back. By the time the two reached Emily's house Claire's was asleep, her head resting upon Quil's shoulder.

  • Jared Cameron
    luv Jared Cameron

    Hey I'd love too :)

    12/1/12 via Mobile
  • -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf
    -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf

    Walking around upon the first beach in La Push on his hands and knees, Quil let out a noise which was supposed to sound like a horse. Claire was currently riding upon the boy's back, pretending that he was a horse and making him crawl around in the sand. She was pulling upon his hair, and kicking him trying to get him to move, but Quil was ignoring it, the most important thing to him was Claire's happiness, and this seemed to make her happy.
    ”Claire Bear, look at this!” Quil stated, picking up a stone which was a greenery colour, having some what of a shine to it. Reaching forward Claire took the stone in her hand, giggling as she watch in shine in the sunlight.
    ”Mine!” She stated, gasping onto it for dear life, the biggest smile upon her face.

  • -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf
    luv -'Chocolate Coated Werewolf

    OOC: No problem :)

    Thins hadn't been easy, actually lately thins had been far from easy. Everything seemed to be oin bad from worse in the space of a few days. On the plus side, Sophie seemed to be recovering from the accident, although now Jacob would not let her out of his sight. Whenever he wasn't around to look after her, Quil usually stepped in, taking on the older brother role, which he was happy to do, Jacob was his best friend and he had known Sophie all her life. Her safety came first, and it ave Jacob a piece of mind. Thins weren't easy for the teenager, being in love with a girl who was in fact in love with a Vampire herself. News of Edward and Bella's wedding hadn't exactly been the kind of news Jacob was about to welcome with open arms. He had taken it really badly, and nothing Quil could say or do would take the boy out of the foul mood he had now gotten himself in.

  • ºCarlisle
    luv ºCarlisle

    Carlisle knelt beside the girl, as he started to help her. He then glanced up at Esme. "I will help her, but we do need to get her to the emergancy room as soon as possible." He then looked back at the girl and started to concentrate on what he was doing, as he helped her. He hoped that he would be able to help the girl get better, as that was what he liked doing, being able to help them get better and knowing that he helped them.

  • ºwonderstruck
    luv ºwonderstruck

    no problem (:

  • Ice Cold Barbie
    Ice Cold Barbie

    Rosalie looks at both Jasper and Alice then looks back at Sophie as she kept her arms folded across her chest listening to her and looks at them then back at her
    "it is a long story"
    she begins to reply as she waits to see if Alice or Jasper was going to say anything as she waits on Sophie's reply

  • The French Coven
    The French Coven

    Nice maybe she finds Nikki packing up her stuff and wondering whats going on

  • Dead

    I'm just  bored. D:

  • The French Coven
    The French Coven

    cool i have a great storyline idea with Nikki. Its basically like a Leah-Sam-Emily triangle. Except its Nikki-Jacob-Nessie

  • The French Coven
    The French Coven

    Thanks for accepting
    want to roleplay?

  • Dead

    Thank you for accepting, how are you?

  • 'AbnormalJuliet
    luv 'AbnormalJuliet

    Before I reply later tonight I can't remember in our storyline it was when Bella was human or already a vampire?