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Standing Out Book Signings In Blog!!

10/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
  is an inspirational role model to many
 She's an amazing mother, model & business women.

She has three kids, Princess and Juniour to Peter andre who she married in 2005. She also has Harvey to dwight yorke.

Katie has recently split with peter andre, and she is now dating Cage fighter alex reid.

Please leave love, comment on pics, do polls :)

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  • Standing Out Signings.

    Wednesday 21st October
    Selfridges, Oxford Street, London
    13.30 - 14.30pm

    Friday 23rd October
    WHSmith, Argyle Street, Glasgow
    2pm - 3pm

    Friday 23rd October
    Waterstones, Edinburgh, Ocean T
    5pm - 6pm

    Saturday 24th October
    Waterstones, Newcastle Emerson
    1pm - 2pm

    Saturday 24th October
    WHSmith, Gateshead Metro Centre
    4.30pm - 5.30pm

    Thursday 29th October
    WHSmith, Chelmsford
    1.30 - 2.30pm

    Thursday 29th October
    Waterstones, Lakeside

    Friday 6th November
    Waterstones, Milton Keynes

    Friday 6th November
    WHSmith, Northampton
    5pm - 6pm

    Saturday 7th November
    Waterstones, Slough
    3.30pm - 4.30pm

    Saturday 7th November
    WHSmith, Croydon
    11am - 12pm

    Friday 11th December
    Waterstones, Warrington
    1.30pm - 2.30pm

    Friday 11th December
    Waterstones, Stockport Mersey
    5pm - 6pm

    Saturday 12th December
    WHSmith, Meadowhall
    3.30pm - 4.30pm

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  • Alex Reid admits he's dressed as a woman!

    Katie Price's new boyfriend Alex Reid has admitted he dresses up as a woman, but insists he only does it 'on special occasions'.
    The cage-fighter hit the headlines last week when photographs of him covered in make-up and wearing a dress surfaced.
    The pictures in question show Alex dressed as a school mistress on a School Disco-themed club night in London five years ago.
    The 34-year-old tells OK! magazine: 'It's a bit of fun. I've dressed up as a woman and it's a laugh. So what?
    'I'm not worried about social stigmas. If I go out and wear a dress, so f**king what?'
    'I'm not one of those guys who likes to go to the supermarket dressed as a woman and I don't want a sex change.'
    When the reports first emerged of Reid's cross-dressing, it was reported Price had issued him an ultimatum to speak publicly about it or they would split.
    He explained: 'There's a big attraction between the two of us. We won't be told by society what we can and cannot do... I love her so much its ridiculous.'
    In words that are sure to infuriate Price's estranged husband Peter Andre, Reid said the couple's four-year-old son Junior has called him 'dad'.
    Reid told the magazine: 'Junior did actually once call me 'dad'. Of course, I corrected him immediately, I said: 'No, I'm not daddy, I'm Alex."
    'As much as I'd love to be his father, he has a dad. Pete is good with them, I would never dispute his skills as a father.'

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  • Abby

    team price all the way!! x

  • Shithappens.

    i love her(: shes a good mother, buisness woman and shes just showing everyone when she parties that she has a life, unlike some celeb mothers her age. x

  • Fionaa.

    Actually, after the other comments i have left i have changed my mind. I am half and half between them both, cos we don't really know what has gone on in the split up. so i guess i am team both. LOL <3

  • Rhys Caldwell
    Rhys Caldwell


  • Ali Naki
    Ali Naki

    Katie Price, she was one of the acts competing for the right to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest i like her Media activities

  • Jessica Rowe

    i wass up

  • CarlyMorrison

    petes a ryt prick anyway :L

  • Cheryl Cole Babes .x
    Cheryl Cole Babes .x

    ii Lovee her soo much ; my idol <3 xxxxxx

  • MissKarim

    Yy The Fuk Are People goingg around dissing this site just too let yanooo fukking move!!! i bet u have better things to doo then diss sites like this stupid fukers!

  • MissKarim

    Katiee Price Is My Role Model She Is Very Inspiring And Even Thou She Has A Bad Past She Has OverCome That And Now Is An Amazing Person And Mother x

  • Samantha Ryan
    Samantha Ryan

    I Tiink Jordans An Inspiration 2 Most Gurls..:DD .. Iv Nofiin Against Peter..We Shudnt Be Sayiin Ignorant Stuff Coz We Dnt No Wat Appened Between Dem.. xx

  • ShaunaxXxterence 10/14/09
  • ShaunaxXxterence
    luv ShaunaxXxterence

    Forget teams Katys class

  • .Sophie .

    Tbh Why would nasty people come on and bad mouth her as u can see its a band for people to support her not say she is Fake and what if she is its her life and she can live it the way she wants to and fair play to her for she has it all so go her. Plus she is a good mother and does not deserve the greif she is gettin for bastards plus peter he only got lucky she deserves someone far better..

  • Ruaidhrí

    its a pity she didnt cut his throat

  • NiicoBrogann

    Where Can You Get Her Make Of Clothes?:D xxxxx

  • -'Courtney
    luv -'Courtney

    Its No One elses Business About What Happened To Katie And Peter, and I Think That Everyone Should Leave Katie Alone as Nobody Noe's The True Story x :) x

  • Kerri


  • Fionaa.

    if youu think it should be Team Pete, then make youur own site. As i said in my other coment i dont think its right what people are doing to her. other coment has more detale but they mean the same thing. the amount of stick shes getting atm, not nesasery. shes beautiful in every single way, like actually beautiful and personality. TEAM PRICEEEYYY 'ox