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  • Male, 23, Luv 95
  • from TV
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About Me

eclectic- whatevahs blaring... and then when im in tha mood 24/7 reggae-uncle bob, UB40, catchafire... Luther, Stevie, Brian Mcnite, bobby tinsley
what evahs. i dont go outa ma way to catcha movie-if i like the shorts then theres a possibility that ill fink about seeing it, lol, but no garintee. wouldnt mind watching stomp the yard.
UNION... and den, whateva dudes are playing afta dat..
Scared Of
not sure... always shunt at little fings but not hardout scared of anyfing at tha moment- i hate loosing fings- not games or bags or anyfing like that- like contact wiff good mates an mutual respect. fings of that nature
Happiest When
CRUZING... be it wiff work mates, whanz, or anyone... i cant get enuff of free time..as long as im sweet wiff tha cats im rolling wiff den its algood-the beach is probly ma prefered chilling spot, but when ur wiff da rite crowd its eazy to find ways to make do.
..$houToUt 2 shayla ..
hehe shayla is da bomb .. and she da meanest gurl outties .. :D :D :D ..

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  • T[ii]mE 4 G[o]D

    i KnELt To PrAy BuT nOt FoR LoNg..
    i HaD tOo MuCh To Do
    i HaD tO hUrRy AnD gEt To WoRk
    FoR BiLLz wOuLd SoOn Be DuE..
    sO i kNeLt AnD sAiD a hUrRiEd PrAyEr
    AnD jUmPeD uP oFf My kNeEz..
    My ChRiSTiAn DuTy WaS nOw DoNe
    My sOuL cOuLd ReSt Ar EaSe..
    aLL DaY LoNg i HaD nO TiMe To SpReAd A wOrD oF cHeEr
    No TiMe To SpEaK oF ChRiSt To fRiEnDz
    ThEy'D LaUgH aT mE i'D FeAr..
    No TiMe.. No TiMe.. ToO mUcH tO dO..
    tHaT wAs My CoNsTaNt CrY..
    No TiMe To GiVe To sOuLz iN nEeD
    BuT aT LaSt ThE TiMe.. ThE TiMe To DiE..
    i WeNt BeFoRe ThE LoRd..
    i CaMe.. i StOoD WiTh DoWnCaSt EyEz..
    FoR iN HiS hAnDz GoD HeLd A bOoK..
    iT wAs ThE bOoK oF LiFe..
    GoD LoOkEd iNtO HiS bOoK [&] sAiD..

    "YoUr nAmE i CaNnOt FiNd
    i OnCe WaS gOiNg To wRiTe iT dOwN..
    BuT nEvEr FoUnD tHe TiMe.."

    1 Comment 328 weeks


    aftah 8 hours of dirt, the boi finished work, so off to the station he ran.
    it started to rain, so he jumped the next train, which happened to stop in clev-land.

    the boi was confused "what am i to do?. i dont even no where to begin".
    "im not from round here" he said to himself. "i live in a place called kingston".

    so he picked up his bags, and left for the shops, to grab a MASSIVE AS FEED. "subway sounds good" he thought to himself. "thats wat im having for tea"

    he pulled out his wallet, and payed straihgt up cash, "thanks for the $10 feed. im starving rite now, but i need to get home, thats why im here having tea."

    with kind regards, he left the store and said "fanx" to the girl at the till. he asked the girl "where should i eat?" "outside is a good place to chill."

    he unrapped the subs and opened his cooky, then sarted to bless his meal.
    two boiz from behind, ran up beside. they wanted to steal his meal.

    i neglected to say, that the boi on the train, wasnt a boi at all.
    hes in his late teens, hansome is he, he kinda hates people that steals.

    so aftah the skratching, the slaps and the kicks, he left one of the boiz on the ground. he quickly took off, and didnt turn bak, he new he would attract a big crowd.

    when he had finished, eating his dinner, the cops pulled up in front.
    "is sumfing the matter?" he said to the cops "im just on the fone wif ma mum".

    (COPS) "its 10 o-clock in the evening, and ur on the streets, with a fone"
    (BOI) "my mate will be here, hes piking me up, hopefully hes not sittin at home"

    they patted me down, and searched all around, i fink that they fort i was sus. they took all my details and went on there way.
    man thows cops are puss.

    8 Comments 329 weeks

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  • Narnz Tou
    luv Narnz Tou

    Love you Elder Tou!

  • Bubbaghees
    luv Bubbaghees

    heyy bro dads numbah 1 employee here hahahaaa :L :L :L :L :L :L mahn it was gud talkin to yhu a couple of minuets ago ill do what yhu told me too ill rite letters to yhu at least evry 2 months and take fotos i love you mah bruthah mwahh :* :*

  • .Imogene.
    luv .Imogene.

    G ood luck on y our missi on Elder Tou ;)

  • LaH-Cee
    luv LaH-Cee

    omg u serious brahz.. thats like me.. i completely tore my achilles tendon ay.. out for a whole year ina wheelchair n everything.. wasnt the best time bt hey life went on ay.. im ok now.. still cant play my sports like i use too.. danngg.. so ino how u feel jay.. hope all goes well for u tho.. muj luv.. merry christmas and hava alsum new year my dear love love lasi

  • Magic Bayy
    luv Magic Bayy


  • Elder Green
    Elder Green

    Reminder Next Fridae ..18th Elder Greens farewell U know where it at,,

  • LaH-Cee

    brahz i miss u ay.. how u been xx

  • Magic Bayy
    Magic Bayy

    SUP UNCLE....

  • Moeline
    luv Moeline

    Luv u JJ bt u alrdy nu dat!

    11/13/09 via Mobile
  • Taisha Rahui
    Taisha Rahui

    ??????back i hear??????

  • Bala

    all gud, long tyme alright. wat u up 2 these dayz. tama's brotha works next door at iga. howz da family. we hav 2 get da boys bak 2gether sometime. take care bruz n god bless p.s da bro's name is eleazar

  • Moeline

    We hd d eldrs ova 2dae dey wer on trade off n we hd Elder Rezel he saw ur foto ov u n carpenter @ d airport n his face lit up. He tlkd so highly ov u n sends his luv! He fort ur name ws Tua

    10/13/09 via Mobile
  • Tania Rahui
    Tania Rahui

    GLAD YOUR HOME.....Even if for only a while.... Love TaniaXX

  • Moeline
    luv Moeline

    Nah nan ddnt go. It ws awesum a? I reli njoyd al d tlks

    10/13/09 via Mobile
  • Moeline
    luv Moeline

    Luv u kuz

    10/12/09 via Mobile
  • Elder Green
    Elder Green

    tru bro lol yer bro papers are in so waitn on the call g u mit be here for a going away bro lol

  • PaPi

    Hey hard out gee...in need of a mad catch up sesh lol. Hope everything is everything you kno!! Aiight uso...holla wit some plans and ill get the boys together...haha

    10/7/09 via Mobile