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Chris Hacker

R.I.P Joe

7/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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How easy do you think it is to sneak into the zoo? I need to see some penguins like, right now...
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"Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker".

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This is only here for pics, so i dont lose them lol
Favourite bands/people in music arrrre: Blink 182, (+44), Alter Bridge, Third Eye Blind, Less Than Jake, Michael Jackson, All Time Low, Lostprophets, Avenged Sevenfold, Bowling for soup, Breaking Benjamin, Cold, Stain'd, Linkin Park, Rise Against, Shinedown, 2Pac, Public Enemy, FFAF, Seether, MxPx, Reliant K, BoxCar Racer, Gym Class Heroes, Switchfoot! and other ones that i cant remember right now.
The best of the best are: Tthe Dark Knight! Accepted! Without a paddle! Hot shots!:D The Departed! Good Fellas! Casino! football factory! Green street! Forgetting sarah marshall! Knocked up! Superbad! Anchorman! 40 year old virgin!Longest Yard! How High! and the Bourne...s!
The Office! (US),
How i met your mother!
simpsons! sky sports! sky movies!
Cant Stand...
Silence, Stubbing my toe, SOAD(the band), Liverpool - and Liverpool fans lol, Lewis Hamilton, Alan Hansen!
Cant Live Without...
Friends, Family, Music, Cherry Coke, Kinder Happy Hippos, Holidays, Photos, Sky Sports News
Bristol City FC, Manchester United! UFC and fitness(GYMing!!)

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  • Year in review...THE SEQUAL! 2008

    The Highlights/Best days:
    - Getting with Kate (1/9/08 )
    - Alter Bridge concert (25/1/08 )
    - England V Switzerland - 2-1! (6/2/08 )
    - All City home matches
    - Alton Towers (26/3/08 )
    - Carolinas Birthday BBQ at Cabot Tower (10/4/08 )
    - United winning the league AND champions league =D (11/5/08 & 21/5/08 )
    - City V Hull, Playoff final (24/5/08 )
    - Getting my tattoo (6/6/08 )
    - An amazing Thursday... (10/7/2008 )
    - BBQ at Carolina's! (14/7/2008 )
    - Laserquest...ing =)
    - Camping in Falmouth!
    - Last Friday of summer...lead to good things =) (29/8/2008 )
    - Paintball! We won =D
    - Kel's Birthday (22/10/2008 )
    - Kate's 18th Birthday Party (21/11/08 )
    - My Dad's 50th Birthday Party (22/11/08 )
    - The day after those two^^ (23/11/08 )
    - Another amazing Thursday... (11/12/08 )
    - Vodka & Redbull
    - Christmas Eve
    - Christmas Day

    Lowlights/Worst days:
    - Exams
    - Asghar Ali & Jane Burleigh (Teachers)
    - Woolworths (second and final round)
    - Few bad days (3 - 6/12/08 )
    - RIP Joe (July 08 )

    Aspirations for the future:
    - Go to more Concerts
    - Come out of college with something
    - Get a job and be happy with where i stand with it
    - Give blood
    - City/United/England matches...MORE!
    - Accomplish something
    - Stay married =)

    ...Pretty cool year :D

    0 Comments 238 weeks

  • I wonder if anyone has ever done this when they are not bored...

    Updated. Why?. Because I Can

    1. Name: Chris(topher) John Hacker
    2. Family?: Parents and 3 brothers
    3. Birthday: 23rd April
    4. Place of Birth: Knowle West...jealous much?
    5. Star Sign: Taurus!
    6. Male or female: Male
    7. Age: 17
    8. School: St Brendans...
    9. Occupation: Un-employed free-loader (temping for Woolworths, round 2)
    10. Type of house you live in: Semi-detached
    11. MSN : thisisnotmymsn@hotmail.co.uk...nad

    12. My hair Colour: Was blonde...not sure now...darker
    13. My hair Length: Very Haircut...able
    14. My eye colour: Bluuue
    15. Weight: 10 ish:o
    16. Height: Um...like 6ft
    17. Braces? Not anymore
    18. Glasses? Noooope
    19. Piercings: Noooope
    20. Tattoos: Right arm, Kanji/Japanese symbols
    21. Right or Left: Right Right Right

    22. First best friend: Decland Hatcher i think
    23. First Award: scabby Knowle Park certificates that we got for...nothing actually
    24. First Sport You Joined: I think tennis. that was a nice day...
    25. First pet: Harry the Hamster!
    26. First Real Vacation: Somewhere in France
    27. First Concert: Alter Bridge!
    28. First Love: You. Nah i dont think i've got there yet

    29. Best movie: Loads. first off the top of my head: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    30. Best TV programme: The Office (US)
    31. Favourite Colour: Green
    32. Best symbol: Yin Yang
    33. Best Band: right now probs All Time Low, changes every day
    34. Best Song: Michael Jackson songs! right now: Fuel - Wasted Time
    35. Best Friend: My Hamster - GIZMO...tis hardcore
    36. Best Sweet: Haribo
    38. Best Restaurant: 'Hong Kong' in Spain...weird i know
    39. Best Dinner: Ice Cream and Alcohol
    40. Best shop: Broadwalk lmao
    41. Best subject: ever? Science Year 11
    42. Best Animal: Turtles RAWK
    43. Best Book: I Am Legend, its amazing
    44. Best Magazine: 4-4-2, Zoo, FHM
    45. Best brand of Shoes: Loads

    46. Feeling: Pretty cool
    47. Single or Taken? Singleee
    48. Have a crush: Maybe:O we'll see
    49. CurrentlyEating: Nothing
    50. CurrentlyDrinking: Orange juice. sweet.
    51. Currently Talking to: No one.
    52. Currently Online? : YURPle
    53. Currently Listening To: Disarray - Lifehouse
    54. Thinking About: Life
    55. Wanting : To go to Hawaii
    56. Watching: Some freaky pop-up. Ive won £100000 apparently...
    57. Currently Wearing: Cargos and some shirt. Its a sunday, looking at the shirt is too much effort for a sunday

    58.Do you want Kids? At some point, ye
    59. Do you want to be married? Eventually, when things fall into place
    60. Careers in Mind: Professional Hobo or Superman. I have no idea. Feel free to help
    61. Where do you want to live: Parents basement! lol um America, Somewhere to surf!
    62. Desired Car: Bugatti Veyron

    63. Hair colour: Any.
    64. Hair length: Not short.
    65. Eye colour: Any. Blue is nice
    66. Height: Probs bit smaller than me
    67. Cute or Sexy: ...Both
    68. Lips or Eyes: Um...eyes i think
    69. Hugs or Kisses: Both
    70. Loving or Careing: ...Both
    71. Serious or outgoing: Outgoing. Should only be serious when theres no way to be buzzin.
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both...why wouldnt all of these be both
    73. Fatty or Skinny: ...Healthy.
    74. Loud or Quiet: Loud with me, Either around anyone else.
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: Ummm...relationship i guess
    76. Sweet or Caring: They are pretty similar really...Both
    77. Smart or a trouble maker: Both...MIX IT UP

    78. Have you Kissed a Stranger: i dont know:o
    79. Do you Drink Alcohol: Yeah, Casually
    80. Do you go abroad: Yes! try to actually get some sun
    81. Have you Ran Away From Home: all the way to my garden. No i havent...
    82. Have you Broken a bone: Not yet. Get in!
    83. Have you Had an X-ray: I think so, when i was younger
    84. Have you been with someone: Ye
    85. Broken Someone’s Heart: Dont think so.
    86. Broke Up With Someone: No, too nice (;) )
    87. Cried When Someone Died: Yuuuup
    88. Cried At School: I did when i was like 4...got hit with a horse shoe magnet thingy...ye, hurt

    89. God: Top Bloke
    90. Miracles

    1 Comment 273 weeks

  • Year in review :o 2007

    The Highlights/Best days:
    - The last day of school
    - Carolinas birthday
    - Watchin United tear up Derby county
    - Prom
    - Going to Alton Towers
    - 19th December (for some reason...)
    - Getting the exam results
    - Discovering Relentless...bangin drink!
    - Working at woolworths

    Lowlights/Worst days:
    - Doing the Exams
    - Most english lessons
    - The week i spent doing Sociology
    - Working at woolworths

    Aspirations for the future:
    - Go to Alter Bridge concert in january
    - Go to more man united matches
    - Get through AS, atleast
    - Get a Tattoo
    - Do something with life


    2 Comments 291 weeks

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  • Kate
    luv Kate

    You know, sometimes I hate you!!! I had to change my password just to get on here! 'Sharing the luv' x

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  • Alina Paya 8/22/11 via Mobile
  • Mr Teddy
    Mr Teddy

    I just snagged $788 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTId Your going to be so happy!

  • Emma

    Aww no, working on results night! That is bad luck. But yep i will be at college for 10 ... just think, this time tomorrow we will KNOW! Scary. See you tomoz then :D And thanks, you know how much i love LAW LOVE :) X

  • Emma
    luv Emma

    Chris!!!! I am on bebo for once lol, all to leave you this comment :) Nice to see you all at darren's, was a laugh - good to see your dancing is still on top form haha! I was just wondering what you guys are up to for results on thursday (i'm sorry, i said the dreaded word!!) Are you planning anything, or if not would you like to do something lol? Anyhoooo let me know. Have some 'Luv' coz i never get to give out bebo love anymore :( X

  • Kathryn Webb
    luv Kathryn Webb

    Hey! How was Tenerif!?!?! Photo's look good, great tan! I'm really hating the english weather!! Hopefully Cornwall will not be like this in 2 weeks!!

  • Shan
    luv Shan

    Aww did you. Where did you goo. ? Yup 2weeks :P thank god. Yeah meet up and do sumfing, like bowling or summet like tha :) Good Good. Yah im alright, thanks;) Yup were going :P

  • Shan
    luv Shan

    Alright Alright. long time no speak :( how you've been then..? See you soon. Ini, ;) ;) ;)

  • Natabee X
    luv Natabee X

    hello chico :) , im pretty amazing thankyou :) ,, hahhahahhaha everything is neew ,,, college is amzing frends are amazing.. learnt never to look at the past,, cus i thought bout prom and i get upset lmao and wanna go back to scchool. lol.. llife is amazing, im with someone now, and i am hopeing that will go really good this time lol,, , and oh my goodness. ! hairnets are lovely dont you agree,, very attractive, bet thats well cool working with him lol... :) P oooo tenerife very ncie who you goin with have a good time :) ,,, must tell me everything :) love to chico... DONKAGONS ? who could forget that,, mudwrestlin, underwater lesbo sex?. mao random shizzle is always the best :) x

  • Kathryn Webb
    luv Kathryn Webb

    Hahaha. YEP! I'm ENGAGED!!! I'm so excited!! I'm happy for me to! :D We've been together 4 months.... Fireman, seriously? Thats REALLY cool! Havn't heard that one from you before! That's well good though! Just in time! Lol That always happens!! That'll be fun then :D Yep, I challenge you! Have fun, get the tan that I will never have!

  • Kathryn Webb
    luv Kathryn Webb

    Haha! Ah well! What you hoping to do after the summer? Where you gonna' work? Work is hectic! Summer sales! I don't know whether I'm going to Cornwall anymore. I've just recently moved into a new flat in Stockwood with the Fiance and need to get things sorted there at the moment. Wow! That's coming up soon. Who you going with? Have fun! I'm sure half of the holiday will be spent in drunkeness. :D

  • Kathryn Webb
    luv Kathryn Webb

    Hey Chris! Hows the summer going for you? Have you finished all your exams yet? Hope they went well :) When you going to Tenerife?

  • Natabee X
    Natabee X

    Good evening, hmm this is very out of the blue... but i thought i would comment and see how you are doing ! its beeennnnnn ages ¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 since we last spoke :/ see you in college sometimes lol.. its very weird.. how we used to speak all the time and now not at all. o god ramblin on again , any ho back to the point, how the hell are you?. whats new ! ... hopefully youll write back or something :) talk soon natalie :) . x

  • Kathryn Webb
    luv Kathryn Webb

    Facebook is so much easier to keep pictures on. But ah well. :) Yes, I have a boyfriend. From church. Met him at a house party though. My mother has been talking to your mother again, by the way. She mentioned how you are completely besotted and in love. It's great for you, Chris. Went to the London Eye. Also went in this Scary acting tour thingy... Don't know whether that made ANY sense at all. Ikea is cool. Job is a job. We're lucky to have one! Good luck with all your exam stuffage. I'm sure you're doing great.... If not I'm sure you're enjoying the social life! I am looking forward to my Summer Holiday. It's only camping in Cornwall, but oh how I miss Holiday breaks! I'm always cool Chris.

  • Kathryn Webb
    Kathryn Webb

    P.s. Get Facebook Chris.

  • Kathryn Webb
    luv Kathryn Webb

    Ah, Thanks Christopher!! :) Yeah Birthday was GREAT!! Boyfriend took me to London. We both are finally "Adults" .. haha. Where do you work now? Are you still at College?