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Lucian Lucifer Omega

OCC: Makin nother acct :P

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Lucifer is known as the 'light-bearer', that was used as a name for the "day star" or "Morning Star". He fell down from heaven and onto earth's realm. He created those known as the Archangels(Fall angels), Demons, vampires, were wolfs, etc. He created hell that being his throne higher than the clouds over the earth and resemble his power. He created the end of the world and was soon also known as the Omega which means the end. In tell this day he has created many children with many women including Lilith known as the Alpha the beginning of the world.
The Other Half Of Me
Valentina The Queen Of Evil

Valentina The Queen Of Evil

<<My Fiancee Touch Her And You Die!

Trisha 'Lee' Lucian
I made lee from her mother‘s (Lilith/Alpha) heated organism so I could have her for me alone. I created her to be the mother of the new generation which will bring our specie's to peace. She is one of the oldest of my children.

close Barren Wastelands Series

~The barren wastelands series..Books of the Charcters..

  • Mother Lilith

  • Daughters of Lilith Alpha and Lucian Lucifer Omega

  • Lucifer Omega

  • Raven Aliah Cerberus
  • ~Charcter info, storylines, plots, photos,etc are COPYWRITTEN links to Charcters are on the page..The books are under construction of being writtin and finishing being set up. Sorry for the inconvience :) . Will be up soon :)

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    Valentina The Queen Of Evil


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    Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

    My oldest daughter and one of the most powerful,

    My Daughter i'll love you forver...

    ~She is Xanthurania daughter of Valentina The Queen Of Evil, she believes her father to be the one called Lucian Lucifer Omega but here on earth he is known as Lachlain. She is the Goddess of No-Mercy.There are many stories about her being the Goddess of No-Mercy some saying she doesn't live anymore some saying there's traces of her remains but all of those aren't true. She still is alive. She lives in the small town she grew up in and sometimes lives in Hell with her moher and her beloved father Lucifer A.K.A Lachlain and siblings Ashley And Gabriella~

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    Lucian is a Rockstar Vampire
    0 chumps infected
    3 Vampire points
    : Maria fed Cheryl to Lucian
    : Lady fed Spiderman to Lucian
    : Lady fed Ravenlily to Lucian
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    • A perfect Love

      In the beginning it was friendship between Lucifer and Valentina. They met a few centuries after everything in the Pazeme was finished. She was walking along the river that the souls with a coin and souls without a coin tried to pass. She wore a long black ground length black dress. Lucifer was walking by the planets of the seven sins when he noticed her falling into a hole that broke in the ground.

      Lucifer instantly appeared beside her grabbing her hand, pulling her up to safety beside him. She knew who he was, when his hand touched her he knew who she was.. Valentina Goddess/Queen of Evil. After that in-counter they seen each other more and more soon becoming friends. She moved to earth shortly after the war broke out. Lilith disappeared as well. Now he was all alone in his creation. Hell he made this place I Can have anyone I want. He chose one lady she kept having miscarriages so he choose another lady, his daughter his oldest to be the mother of the new generation which would bring out species to peace. He raped her repeatedly. After she escaped he stayed in the Pazeme for 2 million years before going to earth. He wondered this place for the longest time.

      Once Val and Lucifer re-united a few days after having his first child with Val still wondering how it could have happened they sleep together making there section or first creation together he proposed to her.

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    • Before Man Kind

      Before man was created and all on there was, were mutants there were tree worlds; Pazeme, Middle earth and the heavens all in which were separated by some type of boundary. Lilith and Lucifer had many things to do. They spent most of there time creating vampires, demons, werewolf, etc.

      Vampires are blood suckers they fest off blood if they have souls they aren’t visible in a mirror.
      Demons are a suppose ghost or evil sprit.
      Werewolves are hafe human hafe wolf.

      The list can go on forever of super natural beings created by Lilith and Lucifer or just Lucifer himself. They created almost everything in the Pazeme. Lilith created everything on earth. Your probably wondering who created theme.. Lucifer was created by Great Spirit of Light And Lilith was created by Adam.

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    • Lucifer's First Perfct Love

      There was a perfect love between Lucifer and Lilith in the beginning. They were inseparable that all changed once those known as ‘Aliens’ now known as ‘Angels and Demons’ and when Lilith created her own kind known as ‘Humans’ than called ‘Mutants’.

      They would commit there many sins in the deepest pits of Pazeme which was hot and steamy and in the galaxy which they soon named the Milky Way. The star shells brought theme together, they light up the upper part of the Pazeme and in between middle earth. They made a path up to the galaxy were Lucifer and Lilith first met. They gazed into each other’s eyes and feel in love. But how could they?; Lucifer’s eyes are filled with evil yet he does have a soft, loving, caring side that he has not found someone to show it to. Lilith eyes are filled with good she has an evil, seductive side to her. They had an instant click an instant bond together. They went back to the deepest pits of hell to commit a sin of the many 7 sins and there powers. There first creation was the 7 rulers of the 7 plants for the 7 sins.

      After days and nights of resting and spending time in the galaxy from both there heated orgasms. They spent another 2 days and 2 ½ nights making there second creation. They had two children the first born Trisha ‘Lee’ Lucian and Dasia Lucian. Lee soon two be named the Sumerian Goddess of Death and Dasia to be the keeper/holder of the ‘book of evil’.

      Lee spent/spends most of her time between Lust and Wrath. She had and still has a sexual desire for him (Lucifer) only one man could for fill her desire for him. His name Avarice… Avarice Aliah Sabiri. Dasia spent most of her time by there mother(Lilith) if she wasn’t by her mother’s side she was on Envy being the ruler of that sin’s planet’s sex toy only soon to find out he never love her. He broke her heart; Lee knew and she would soon kill him and create a new ruler for Envy, The word never got out to there farther or mother luckily it didn’t or else there would be more hell to pay in the demotion than anyone could amgen .
      Millions of years later a war broke out in the Pazeme now known as ‘Barren Wastelands‘ of Pazeme. Souls that came to hell and didn‘t have a coin to pass the river to the other life started over growing soon making a war between the lost souls and demons of this demotion…CHOOSE YOUR SIDE. Lilith and Lucifer departed in the only hope to ring peace but that didn’t happen. Lee soon found out she would bring peace to our species only to become the mother of a new generation which would bring peace to out species. There’s more to Lee and Lucifer’s relation ship than the eye can see.

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    Barren Wastelands: Xanturania Goddess of No-Mercy

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  • Barren Wastelands of Hell

    ~A war broke out in the Pazeme known now as the Barren Wastelands of Hell. Souls the have come to hell without a coin can't pass the stream to the after life. They out broke an war with the Demons of Hell word got back to the Ruler of Pazeme the Omega(Lucifer). the God of Pazeme Hades and the queen of Hell Persephone. The souls that did not pass over the stream got more powerful as more souls didn't pass they took over a plant in Pazeme. Lucifer, Hades and Persephone tried stopping theme individual but that wasn't enough. From the other side of the stream watched the souls that didn't pass. The demons, vampires, etc watched also. A war will soon break out between the demons, vampires, ruler of hell, god of hell, queen of hell, etc between those souls that don't pass..

    The Main Players involved:

  • Lucifer Omega
  • Lilith Alpha
  • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
  • Xanturania Goddess of No-Mercy
  • Melaine Dareia Golgotha
  • Valentina Bella Brizz
  • Peresphone
  • Trekos

  • The Minor Players involved:

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    • Copyright

      EVERYTHING on this page including storylines and plots are copyrighted by me as I created theme. Pictures are also copywritten as i worked my ass off to find theme..This is an orginal charcter of the Barren Wastelands roleplay

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