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Laura's Skins

will get all your skins done tomorrow !! :)

10/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

skins for all :)
Me, Myself, and I
feel free to use the requested skins too if you wish :)

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  • your own skins.

    want me to make you a skin? dont have photoshop yourself?

    i'll do one for you.

    picture you would like on it : (please send link)
    any writing? ( if so, what?) :

    you can also leave me comments on any requests you have, as in you dont want one for yourself, but requests or quotes i can use for anyone that wishes to use it.

    5 Comments 197 weeks

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  • Laura

    Hey could u make me a skin pleeease: * White backround completly * Black writing for the Me, Myself & I part etc... * Can u make the main skin part on a white backround with big black Times New Roman writing, saying "Lauraa 'xO" but with the 3 "A"s in italics * Could u have the italic letters flashing pink & blue. I know its complicated but if u have questions please comment me & il get back asap :DD Thankk yhoo xx

  • Mariah

    Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaar Caan Yuu Make Mee aaa Skin saaaying;; Mariah pleaseee

  • Lancee

    Hey ! can you make me a skin saying : Lance loves Hailee exactly the same as the one you made for Hailee, just with different words. thanks!

  • MissPlume.

    Helloo Please Can You Make Me A Skin Syaing Some Lyrics From You Me At Six ... AllThisPleasee Starts Here & You Made Your Bed, So Sleep In It, You Made Your Bed, So Sleep With Him. JadeLoves -- You Me At Six. End'sHere XD Any Coulor's :DD ThankYouu ..x

  • ImHailee

    Thanks . .

  • EmilioEcstacy.
    luv EmilioEcstacy.

    Heyy x could you use this image, could you have it onn like a slant to my text so like diaganal, if you cant its fine but you know, whatever lol any colour you wreckon would suit the image really (: loveeee x

  • Sophie

    laura, not being funny but your skin almost killed my eyes. COLOUR CLASH :(

  • Rachel ODwyer .
    luv Rachel ODwyer .

    heelloo.. Could youu pleasee makee a skin that says 'alwayys smilee.. Youu nevahh no who couldd be fallingg in lovee withh youu.. xO' and the background black and the letters diffrent shades of blue! Thaankk youu so much! Heres a love! X

    10/3/09 via Mobile
  • Dude'

    heey :) can you make me a skin please ? if you can please put. tbhh; you are my world and i do proper love чou i always have &+ i always will ;; i love чou baby x pink back ground and black writing , thankkyou :)) xx

  • ImHailee

    Hey.. Could you Pleasee make me a skin that says Hailee Loves Lance. xx With lots of Bright Yellow And Highlighter Blue

  • Ryan

    hello :) can u do 1 same az the other one but in black backround and orange writin :) thankzx

  • Suzy Daniella Walker
    luv Suzy Daniella Walker

    Hiyaa babeee, Could you make me a skin pleaseee? :DD Can i have 'iloveyou on it pleasee. LoveeYouuu! x x x x x x x

  • Wolfie -Ox
    luv Wolfie -Ox

    cann youu makkee mee a skinnn plleaaaaaaseee ? if you doo can it be of aston merygold andd putt Bryony LOVES Aston on it pleaseee ? x thankk'youu xxxx