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great day girlies :)

4/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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Zoe Is Gay

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  • describe me (:

    the shoes you wore today: white pumps
    your eyes: blue.
    your hair: blondey/brown
    your weight: 500 stone.
    you height: dont measure myself but 5'4 ?
    your fears: people changing, falling, loosing someone who means alot to me.

    what is:
    your most overused phrase on msn: hehe.lol.mwaha.
    your thoughts first waking up: cba zzz (;
    the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: clothes, looks & hair ?
    your most missed memory: being young - not a care in the world.

    you prefer:

    pepsi or coke: pepsi
    mcdonald's or burger king: mcdonald's, i am mrs mcdonald's
    single or group dates: urm, both.
    adidas or nike: nike.
    chocolate or vanilla icecream: hmm. both (;

    do you:
    smoke: no, dont plan to either.
    drink: sometimes.
    curse: hehe yeah (;
    have any crushes?: erm?
    who are they?: -
    want to go to college: yes
    like high school: yupp
    want to get married: yup
    get travel sickness: yeah +o(
    think you're a health freak: erm ? kinda.
    get along with your parents/guardian: depends.
    like thunderstorms: yeah, there dudey (:

    have you ever:
    missed school because it was raining?: no.
    told a guy/girl that you liked them?: yeh
    cried during a movie?: what girl doesnt ?
    thought an animated character was hot?: no ;P
    had an imaginary friend?: yep (:
    cut your own hair?: yeah :S
    had a crush on a teacher?: no.
    been called a tease?: yeh (;
    shoplifted?: yes, when i was about 9 ;L

    the future:
    age you hope to be married: about 23/25 ?
    numbers of children: 2
    descibe your dream wedding: sunny or snowy. expensive (;
    how do you want to die?: peacefully
    what do you want to be when you grow up?: a lawyer.
    what country would you most like to visit?: hmm. no idea.

    number of:
    people I could trust with my life: zoe, not many more.
    CDs that I own: LOADS, but i mostly dowload.
    piercings: none, never got round to it.
    tattoos: none, dont like them.
    times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: quite a few, dancing and primary school (:
    scars on my body: err, a few.
    things in my past that i regret: alot.


    fav colour(s): electric blue & yellow
    day/night: night
    summer/winter: summer, but love the snow in winter.
    lace or satin: err.
    fave food: lasagne. pancakes =D lamb roast.
    fave sport: trampolining, running, badminton, dance.

    right now:
    wearing: pj's and dressing gown (:
    drinking: fresh orange juicee (:
    eating: nothing.
    thinking: my hands are cold ):
    listening to: the hits- live your life.

    in the last 24 hrs:
    cried: yes
    worn jeans: yes
    met someone new online: nope
    done laundry: haha, noo way.
    drove a car: not in the last 24 hours but last year (;

    do you believe in:
    your friends: depends.
    santa claus: of coursee
    tooth fairy: hell yeah
    destiny/fate: urm yeah.
    ghosts: no.
    UFO's: haha no.
    god: no but when i want something haha.

    friends and life:
    do you ever wish you had another name?: yess !
    do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? no
    do you like anyone?: maybe.
    which one of your friends acts the most like you?: zoe bless her, she tries too haha. joke erm i dunno actually.

    0 Comments 244 weeks

  • history memories - david and megan

    oh what a larf we have in history-we are tooooo random :L
    ok we are settling this right now ! flermabble,flamabble,flemabble or flumabble?!?
    u say it different everytime !

    Other memories
    We love paper but hate trees :L , the giant ant people are coming:O ! omg crains are just..FiiT !!!
    save the gesse, moo c'mon.GUYLiAN,zoe is not smart ! :L ginger slag :L PDOiNG !
    we miss you wilson :( :( what a sik film !

    Our Amamzing hand shake
    tehe.*hand shake* yehhhhhh,*respect thing* fLERmabble !!

    oh the memories
    dont we just love history :L

    2 Comments 272 weeks

  • :)

    to megan. let go.
    from zoe. x

    2 Comments 282 weeks

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