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John Kelso-Mason

The Irony of it all

9/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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The Other Half Of Me


almost 2 now, July 7th i think was the date :)

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Like A Drug (KYLIEX2008 Tour Live In Belfast June 26th 2008)

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  • My Top 10 Movies (Updated)

    1)Mamma Mia! The Movie

    2) Johnny English

    3) Serial Mom

    4) Shrek 2

    5)The Wars Of The Roses

    6) Sex And The City

    7) The First Wives Club

    8) C.R.A.Z.Y

    9) Monster In Law

    10) Star Wars VI-The Return Of The Jedi

    6 Comments 270 weeks

  • Alternatives

    Other Names:
    Siobhan: Betty, Big Boobs Betty, Shrub, Shrubette, Shurbelina, Shurb(my common spelling mistake), Bitch #1...
    Ruth: FKJ(oh i think u remember this one ruth), Boring, Farmerette, Little Lumps Louise...
    Stacey: Stax, Stax Averilly, Stace, Saggy Sacks Stacey...
    Christine: X, Xtine, Cupcakes Christine, Little Lady, O'Gogarty...
    Nic: Nicky, Dickless, Sir Nicholas, NCS, G-Stringer, Charlie...
    Chris: Chris

    If We Were In 'Keeping Up Appearances':
    Me: Hyacinth Bucket
    Ruth: Richard
    Siobhan: Rose
    Christine: Elizabeth
    Chris: Emmett
    Stacey: Onslow
    Nic: The Vicar
    Conor: 'Daddy'

    5 Comments 272 weeks

  • My Frends...In Detail...

    SIOBHAN: ahh my partner in bitching, we cher many dislikes (the plastics, the oil tankers, licking people ;) ) but she is a great person to talk to, very understanding, always has time for me even when ive been a right cunt and it takes a lot for her to get angry with me, which God knows i push to the limit all the time, so thanks for being there for me, it really means loads
    RUTH: ahh one of my longest running frends, she has stuck by me through possibly the most of my 'episodes' and were still strong as ever which im glad to say, she is very witty and funny when shes not tired or unwell, she is also a good listener, not such a good talker, but i make up for that :)
    STACEY: to quote tina turner ''Your simply the best'', which i really do mean, she has stuck by me no matter how much shit ive thrown at her, which i thank her for greatly, she puts herself down so much but she really is a great frend and a great person to talk to if u have somethin troubling u :)
    CHRISTINE: the sweetest of all my frends, she rarely has a bad word to say about anyone and even if she does its not even that bad which is a welcome change, she is also a very good listener and doesnt judge people harshly which is good for me :P ...she is very understanding and caring which also helps :)
    CHRIS: hmm he provides many a humerous moment, he can be very witty too when he isnt plagarising ideas from others, and apparently his hands wander when driving according to stacey of the averill
    NIC: hmm things went polar for a while, but im glad its all better now, he has a ferocious wit and is very talented in the humour stakes too, a true match for me in a world where all i have is bitches :)
    CATHERINA: ahh now we move into the realms of the 'never-shut-up-able', she may not vever be silence but i wudnt have it any other way, she is amazing, one of the nicest people ive ever met, never a bad word to say and always gets my jokes, a real diamond if i do say so myself
    RACHEL: i felt i shud tack her on her too due to the great fun and joy she has brought to many a chemistry lesson when the drivel of jimmy gets too much she always has a nice (bitchy) comment to brighten up the day, thank you to rachel for that :)

    KEVIN: the most generous madonna fan ive ever met, hes given me so much music, i wont have a bad word said against him, he is very funny too and can have many a good (and fun) argument/debate with him, its rather theraputic
    MATT: ahh the bitchiest of all the madonna fans ive met, wud i have it any other way?...he also shares many more of my tastes in music and is very good for chattin bout really anything, cos he lets me talk about myself for hours, just how i like it :)

    basically i love u all and u all brighten my life in different and varied ways :)

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  • Kevin.
    luv Kevin.

    Nov 22 since your last comment? haha that's not good John. so now, please get online and allow us to completly BITCH about EVERYTHING. go go go go Mariah Carey sucks balls Kylie Minogue is a fashionable failure Cher is a mess Amy Winehouse really understands the 'GAME OVER' sign at the end of S&S also, unlimited love, so here you go :P

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  • Shrub
    luv Shrub

    still my number one...;) miss u dude :( xo

  • Spikey Sato
    Spikey Sato

    hi fucker ur never down here no more... get ur ass down here lol how ya been anyway what ya doing with ya self now aday's?

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  • Shrub

    john... msn is bloody broke!!! >:( xo

  • Shrub
    luv Shrub

    thank u dear for updating your bebo for me.. LONG TIME BLOODY COMING!! sup? xo

  • Gaga.
    luv Gaga.

    Helloo.... random i know but could you please tell me what the best contact address is for madonna!?? Thanks..:)) I LOVE MADONNA SHE IS AMAZING!! :))

  • KylieFreak.
    luv KylieFreak.

    Heyy. What is the best Madonna address to send mail?? x

  • Catherina
    luv Catherina


  • Shrub

    happy birthday old friend!! :P xoxo

  • Shrub
    luv Shrub

    john.. please update your bloody bebo >:( you're making ruth look like sir alan sugar here if thats possible..:o lol :P xox

  • Shrub
    luv Shrub

    last nite... best nites bitching in ages.. VERY WORTH COMING BACK FOR OH YES ;) xoxo

  • Madonna

    Hey all new band started up..please join my band for the days that made her the queen of pop xxx