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'Akane Takeda

If anyone might possibly have some old pic of me/Scarlet i would appreciate if you posted them!

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Me, Myself, and I
Beautiful Disaster <3
Hello my name is Akane but in English it is Scarlet. I'm a fun easygoing type of person with a loud mouth. I also have a dark secret. If you would like to know more about me check my blogs. See ya around.

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  • Takeda Family

    Mamoru Takeda

    Scarlet's father, is head of the Takeda clan. He rules with an iron fist and shows little emotion. He loves his wife and shows most interest in his son Ichirou.

    Kazumi Takeda

    Scarlet's mother is the clan's lead Healer. She loves her husband and is a great mother to her children. She wishes her husband was kinder to there two daughters but knows that his interest in their son is for the good of the clan.

    Ichirou Takeda

    Scarlet's brother is the pride of the clan and will be the head upon his fathers retirement. He is full of arrogance but has a soft spot for his little sisters.

    Emiko Takeda

    Scarlet's little sister is a sweetheart. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone. She does not have a single hateful bone in her body and will most likely be the clan's next Healer on upon her mothers retirement.

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  • Akane/Scarlet Takeda

    Name: Akane Takeda
    English Name: Scarlet
    Hair Color: Red
    Natural Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green
    Affinity: Black Magic
    Specialty: Necromancy and Animals

    Scarlet Takeda is the descendant of a family of Dark Mages. Her father is the leader of their clan while her mother is the families healer. She has an older brother and a younger sister. She is always trying to compete with her brother for their fathers attention but always loses. Despite this she has a strong relationship with her brother. She is also like a second mother to her younger sister and is always bringing her along. Her powers can conjur the dead, twist someones life upside down, and allow her to transform into and talk to animals. Soon she will have to test her powers to kill. Will she be able to do it? Or will her kind nature get in the way?

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  • New Character Idea

    Name: Unknown
    English Name: Unknown
    Hair Color: Orange
    Natural Color: Unknown
    Eye Color: Dark Blue

    She is a Famous singer who tours all around the world singing for her adoring fans. She wants to be a normal person but she hides a dark secret. She is a Succubus. She uses the stage to gain energy from her screaming fans.

    (More on her soon)

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