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"desert of Hueco Mundo "

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--------------------------------------------Abili­ties;--------------------------------------------­--76 weeks ago
Nel's healing "saliva".Neru Shaw?.
The vomit has a similar appearance to saliva, leading her to believe that it is.
Cero Doble: A unique ability to swallow enemy attacks and fire them back with a more powerful force exceeding that of the original hit, indicated by the eyes on her skull mask glowing, although using it seems to exhaust her.
Ch?kasoku (???, "Super Acceleration"): She is able to accelerate her movements with what seems to be a rudimentary form of Son�do, which she refers to as "Ch?ka Soku" (???, Super Speed; "Super Acceleration"
{ her "saliva" to heal his wounds. }.

{ transformation into her original form much to Nnoitra's surprise.
Nel's Espada tattoo. }

Son�do to move things or ppl.

an other ---Abilities;--r sucking up the hits that come at me an i throw back .
an using a laes ,sword .speed .healing also .
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