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ADVERTISMENT!!200 weeks ago
everyone join this group!!

the best group on bebo!

leave comments with your pics :D

boys ..+.. girls
all welcome :D

all pics will be excepted aslong as you:

[x] add the group profile

..&.. if your profile is private:
[x] add the moderator

remember to:

[x]tell us what album you want your pic in
[[x]comment your own picture, so if you win polls we can find you :D
[x]comment other peoples pictures and do the polls

your pic wont be excepted if:

[x] you dont add the group
[x]you dont add the moderator(s)
(private profiles only)

remember to share the luv.
and have fun

see you soon :D
 posted by phitt az fuk 2010-2011 

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