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PA system201 weeks ago
The PA system available for rental consists off the following equipment:

Speakers and Processing
4 Electrovoice SX100+E monitors
4 Electrovoice SX300 FOH speakers
2 Electrovoice SB122 Subwoofers
2x 4 channel power amp (4x 800watt ouptus)
1x Behringer DCX2496 Digital Speaker managment system
2x 10" active monitor speakers (other monitors available)

Rack/ outboard
1 Graphic EQ
2 Dual channel compressor/ gate
1 Tascam Multitrack recorder
1 Ibanez SDR1000 Digital FX unit

Mixing Console
Studiomaster P7 16 channel midi automated mixing console
Soundcraft E12 mixing console

Mics/ DI boxes
Full range off quality microphones and DI boxes available (not going to sit and list them all)

A wide selection of cables and adaptors available and also a multicore.

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