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nicks blacked heart with tim touch204 weeks ago
as i sit in a room full of light
i can see i thing that no one can see
it is the darkness inside of me
you never seen the thing that i have seen
becuz darkness all way follows me

you all ways been the one to see
what truely lie under me
but you still havent seen what i have seen

as i watched you crawl i sat there in a grave
all way been the one to crave
but now see im a fuck grave
you must under stand what im say

i am the one to be with you
through tears and sorrow and justicefid hated
but still know that im not the one to makeit to the end
with the sympathy that i have given you
you can make the way out of the forest of sorrow
as it rain blood and tears you ran through it

as you hread a far off scearm
you ran to see what it was but only found a mirror

just the end as you hear a far off scream you run to see
i cant stand what ive seen
as i hang this is no longer a dream
i caould never stand what ive seen
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