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Blood bath (one of my poems)194 weeks ago
Blood Bath

The blood bath begins, the blood is on the floor
Everything I worked for has been thrown out the door
Any chance of love I?ve had has simply put on hold
My heart feels nothing now, it?s to damn cold
My mind has gone through hell, my emotions have gone black
And sadly I?m not really ever coming back
I?ve looked myself in a box, isolated from everyone
And all this equates to that I?m done
I?ll end it all, in a few stabs
My tombstone made of rocky slabs
On it, it says here he shall lie
But in reality, he wasn?t meant to die
 posted by Mású Shínágí 


Bored Lili said...11/4/09
-hugs you tightly worried-
why do you think like that?
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Mású Shínágí said...11/4/09
idk -sighs- all my poems come from my emotions im feeling...
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Emily -Deleting- said...11/4/09
:( poor masu
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Blacklight said...11/29/09
I wish you didn't feel like this
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Mású Shínágí said...11/29/09
yeah... i wasnt kidding when i had said my rl sucks..
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