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Taken Straight From Their Myspace Blog 205 weeks ago
We've decided to re focus our energy on touring and working on our upcoming album scheduled to be released 2010. We don't want to rush our music. So we won't be releasing a single for awhile..We want to focus on creating a very astonishing album. I feel it's appropriate to Take our time and really make a very shockin and poppin album.. An album to make you feel alive...

In death comes life.. We will be touring for 6 months. Seeing the world and our friends.. The word "FAN" Is overrated..I like the word "Friend".. It's more personal like that.. You are not my fans .. You are my friends! If my music has a positive effect over you .:: TOUCHED ::. Than my life is complete. I live for BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.. FUCK MY NAME AND FUCK MY FACE! It's about the music.. Music is my favorite drug.

I will shed that the new album will be the greatest album BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR has ever released.. Expect more screams..more tekno...MORE SECKZ and more more more BLOOD! This will be our most EPIC ALBUM YET.. We will see you all on tour..LOVE FOREVER AND EVER AND AFTER

Dahvie Vanity


o_O Sounds Good Guys
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