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Added smiley support220 weeks ago
Hey guys,
So, I just realised that some of you may have been wanting Bebo's smileys in your My Best Friends.
So, naturally, I added them :)

You can now add any of the main smileys :) :( :D :o :O :L ;) >:( :Z and :P aswell as (L) for the luv heart, and (8) for a musical note, so you can quote a song that means something between you and your friends

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Madi Moo said...6/1/09
:) :( :D :o :O :L ;) >:( :Z :P
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Lilliee said...7/6/09
i no all otf them anyway :/
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Zombies Stole My Lollipop said...7/13/09
hey u guys 4got these


and more but i am tired
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Lily said...7/21/09
you forgot some otherss


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- said...7/24/09
< its that not > (L) :L :L :L :L
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Charlotte said...8/18/09
:) :D :P :)) :( :o :O :L ;) >:( :Z ;o :B 8) o_O :* [moon] [b] and there are some others :/ @_@ :DD
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Bella . said...8/21/09
^ ^ ^ how do u do the big smiley one ?
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Bella . said...8/21/09
and the headphones one ?
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Chanel Nikora said...8/25/09
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.Viktorea. said...9/20/09
:DD is : D D
is < relax >
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Ibhesarahmarieox. said...9/30/09
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RoisinQuinn said...10/3/09

[clover] @_@ ^^;
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Veronica Thunder Horse said...10/7/09
hi wats up:Z
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Racheel.Ox said...10/12/09
Omgg there totally cool but how do uu remeber them all :L :L
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Laayce said...12/22/09
This One..(8)
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Eminem said...6/21/12
B Buck Teef
8) Shades
o_O Trippy
:* Kissy
@_@ Eye Roll
:DD Mega Grin
:/ Indifferent
^^; Sweat Drop
[moon] Moon
[b] Bebo
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