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Stolen From Mii Codibear202 weeks ago
Pick your spot...or ima pick iht for ya :P

My Baby Love =

My Buddie = Gisele

My Wonderful Awesomeness = Angie!! // Squishie

My Emo =

My Beautiful = Smiley

My Loser = Codibear

My Best Friend=.Codibear

My Boy = JohnnyBoii

My Super Man =

My Girl = Codibear

My Crush = *that one boy who needs tuh be a man

My Gangster =.Symba!

My Hero = my mommy :))

My Love = Codibear ?

My Monkey = Krystal Ross

My Everything = Codibear ?

My Life = Codibear </3

My Rockstar = JohnnyBoii

My Sister = Ashley/M3LiNDA

My Prince =

My Inspiration =

My Cutie =

THE Jack Ass = Sydney that asshole :L

My Gorgeous = Codibear

My Baby =

My Dreamboy = .. you ! :P

My Sexy Love = Charles :*

My Best Boy =

My Best Gurl = Ashley

My Guardian Angel =

My Pimp = Lil Dee :P

My Secret Luv`ah = M.B ;) :P

My Baby Girl =. amey .

My Idol =

My Secret Admiirer = aint no secret admirers .. :P

My Bad Boy =

My Body Guard =.Gisele !

My Bitch = Paige ! :L haha

My Stud Muffin = Martyni Monkman :P **whistle**

My New Friiend =

My Pal = Shirleyskinsz

My Awesome= Amey

My Emo Lord=

My Heart=Codibear

My Etard= Angie/ Squishie

My High buddie= aSHLee

THE Bastard=
 posted by GingerCaakeSz 


Miss Martyni Monkman said...9/8/09

i'll be your stud muffin :D
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GingerCaakeSz said...9/8/09
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Kyra Ross said...9/9/09
i wanna be yur faahqn monkeyy yoh..! LOL
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GingerCaakeSz said...9/9/09
Kaii Den mii Monkey!! lol
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ToxicEcstasy said...9/27/09
i want to be your: love,life,everything,heart!
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GingerCaakeSz said...9/27/09
Kaii Honeybunches !
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Giselle Richard said...10/6/09
YOur body guard :L
i gotcho back girl
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GingerCaakeSz said...10/6/09
:D yay lol sweet :D
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Angie Pangie said...10/30/09
I wanna be your etard lol
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GingerCaakeSz said...10/30/09
o-kaii !! :) lol we shu ddo it together again sometime aye ? :)
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Miz Daniels said...3/23/10
iwana be ur 'awesome' & ur 'babygurl' :)) loue yu gingyy :L
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