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Me and edward = 4eva191 weeks ago
When (not if) me and edward get married i will have a huge puffy white wedding dress

red white and black theme:))

red rose flowers (resembles blood and new moon symbol;) )

alice and rosalie will be my bridesmaids

jasper and emmet will be the grooms best men (see i have it all planned out)

i will walk down the aisle to star girl by mcfly

we will honeymoon on isle esme

and swim with the turtles at midnight :))

we will have a gorgeous lil girl called rennesme

emmet and jasper will build us a cute little cottage in the middle of the woods

and we will live happily ever after to the sounds of jacob ( the wolf who imprinted on my friend kirsten who wanted me to add this in) howling to the full moon!!!!

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