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The Me and Me talk375 weeks ago
Well as the summer is now upon us again folks its good to look back on all those fond memories of throwing up beside the wheelie bin out the back, or falling over yet another chair that wasn\'t there a sec ago. Or even the toilet that i managed to break with my head, for those who save me from almost certain diseases and a life time of embarressment thank you. For all the people that took advantage of my exotic dancing style while i was drunk in Earth, for all those who fed me dodgy chicken from the Bird Flu place, for all those who just wer there for the craic and actually sang along to made up songs at 4 or 5 in the morning, thanx. Was a good year folks and won\'t miss ye\'s one bit cause in the end of the day i hate ye\'s all, yip, all of ye\'s, even u whose spendin th time to read this nonsense. If you had\'ve been there for me now i wouldn\'t be sittin at this this computer i would\'ve bn running in the park or even drunk someweher, but no u have to be somewhere else doing something else. Its now time to read the rest of this shit cause lets face it you\'ve read this far you may as well finish it. The once was a little fathead called Quinn, he always picked food out of bins. But then one day he came out as Gay and touched Jamie and Fergie. Not much of a story but ye get the point, folks the moral of the story is that Gay Chicken is called Gay Chicken for a reason....ITS GAY. If another person comes up to and asks you to play it usually means they just want a kiss off you! Its not some game that Mark and Jamie play to get with Chris(the poor fella didn\'t no what happened hin). Its a ploy to get you. Like this blog thing cause no matter how much shit I write in here no one will stop readin it cause you must think that theres a macial ending to it all, well guess what theres no magical endin or clever witted finishing line just this...................................
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Mark Quinn said...5/26/06
what's that paul you are full of shite are ye? doesn't surprise me in the slightest! TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!
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X Laura Skeffs X said...6/27/06
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Bazz said...3/31/08
paul ur mad
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