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"This is for those not on Colins friends list & cannot leave messages on Colin's."

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Tales of nights out and happy memories of Colin Love230 weeks ago
Following the celebration of Colin's life last Thursday I thought it would be nice if we all shared stories of nights out and our happy memories with Colin.

So please leave a message of an event or just anything that you remember Colin by that maybe bring a smile to another's face and your own obviously. x
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XX Cat Green Xx said...3/14/09
my wee memorie of colin that just came to my head lol was a good few year ago when i had pumped into colin in the city center i was waiting on bus on bath street and he walked passed me n i shouted colin its cat n thats hwen he remeberd me . he had lost his mobile n ask me to phone his phone for him to find out where it was . mind it was aa few wks ago b4 he was away on holiday i cant mind who theo . that was a wee funny memorie of colin i had . miss lots R.I.P PAL
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Criss Dodds said...6/6/09
Ma biggest memory o Colin was working wi him in Pexel in Govan - total nightmare o a place at the time but we had a laff when we was there. RIP fella. X
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Bari K said...6/21/09
I met him on a drunken night out we went to a party at bath st i remember we were laughin cos we both had the same jeans on i seen him again a while ago and i remmeberd his killer smile and recently i came accross his bebo profile and thot id add him but never accepted only found out today he was gone from an RIP vid really gutted was an amazin guy x
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Elaine McMeechan said...8/25/09
One of my funniest memories with Colin was when me and my flat mate dressed Colin up as Miss Mary Hill and drove over to our mate Andy's house in the middle of the night and Miss Hill walked straight in the house and said "Hey fellas heard there was a party in here?!" and Andy and his mate didn't know what the hell to do... for a split second they shat it and wondered who this tranny was wandering into their house at party o'clock, then the penny dropped and they realised it was the work of the NuNu's (",)

Thanx for letting us use you as our dress up doll Colin... (he really didn't mind tho... my pink pajamas were a favourite of his)... but thats another story! lol

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