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All... About... Me.....!!!!!352 weeks ago
Name: Steph
Single or taken: Single
Sex: Feeemale
Birthday: 12th feb
Sign: aquarius
Hair color: blonde highlights
Eye color: Blue

1. Slept in your bed: me...
2. Saw you cry: Horse
3. You shared a drink with: Gemz
4. You went to the movies with: cant remember.
5. You went up town with: Joleeeen
6. Yelled at you: My Bro mike
7. Sent you an email: Daisy

8. Said \"I Love You\" and meant it?: Yes, methinks so
9. Gotten in a fight with your pet: No...
10. Been to California: nope
11. Been to Hawaii: nope
12. Been to Mexico: nope
13. Been to Canada: nope
14. Been to China: Nope
15. Danced naked: In shower.. well, tried 2 stop fallin, erm... no comment
16. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? YES! happens all the time!
17. Wish you were the opposite sex: yep, i just wana kno wot its like!
18. Had an imaginary friend: nope, i dont have the brain power, its hard enough remembering names as it is!
19. Do you have a crush on someone: Yep
20. What book are you reading now: not readin 1 but the last 1 read was 'inconceivable' by ben elton
21. Worst feeling in the world: hangover on the way home n tryin 2 not chunder on the bus.
21a. Future son\'s name: Leon Tyler
b. Future daughter\'s name: Maddison
22. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yeah, a lilac bear tht enya gave me in yr 8!
23. What\'s under your bed: loadsa shit cuz i got 'storage'
24. Favorite sport to watch: fottie!!
25. Siblings: 2 bro's, 1 half bro, 1 step bro, 2 step sis 2 half sis.
26. Location: Sexeter- JOLEENIE!
27. College plans: Hairdressin, re-sit english exam, c wot i wana do nxt yr, mayb stay hairdressin, mayb do journalism, media, Business studies n psychology?
28. Piercings/tattoos: 2 each ear, nose n belly button.

29. Do you do drugs: nope
30. Do you drink: yeh
31. Who is your best friend: Jo, Kels, Emz, bethany, n stil missin the st james girliez! lovez u all lots!
32. What are you most scared of: Thunderstorms, moths, butterflies, spiders.
33. What clothes do you sleep in: depends on the weather!
34. Where do you want to get married: in a huge church wiv a choir singing!
35. Who do you really hate: nobody i dont think, i dislike sum ppl, but weneva i post any comment on here u always get their mates sad little army tryin 2 start a 'bebo war'
36. Been in Love: fink so.
37. Do you drive: nope, all u drivers r safe... 4 the timebeing!
38. Do you have a job: yep, capture photography and arena nightclub
39. Do you like being around people: yeh,
40. Are you for world peace: i guess...


41. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yeh, in yr 7. he was out of my league i fink! hehe, bless... young love eh!
42. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: Yes
43. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: not reli, gd personality and can make me laugh usually does the trick!
44. Do Want someone you don't have right now: Yep, i fink...
45. Are you lonely right now: nope, i like life atm.
46. Song thats stuck in your head a lot: Something kinda Ooh. Why does it always rain on me. more more more.
47. Do you want to get married: yup
48. Do you want kids: yeh


49. Room in house: My room.
50. Type(s) of music: anything
51. Band(s): anythin.
52. Color: Purple, atm dark purple
53. Perfume or cologne?:L acoste Touch of pink
54. Month: December- CRIMBOLA!

55. Cried: nope
56. Bought something : yeh, had my wages so OF Course!
57. Gotten sick: nope
58. Sang: yeh, in work especially, even tho atm arena is playin a lot of cheesay songs!
59. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: yes!!
60. Met someone new: yeh
61. Missed someone: yeh
62. Hugged someone: yeh, i'm a huggy person, i like hugs. espesh wen got bastardin customers, then i need a molly-cuddle!
63. Kissed someone: no, if tht was fortnight then yes... but my lips are sealed (they werent ;-)

64. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes: Primark, river Island, H&M or topshop
65. Favorite designer?: dno, anythin from ^
66. What is your sexiest outfit?: not sure, low cut top, jeans n black boots, i feel shexaay in tht! hehe!
67. What is your most comfortable outfit?: my Pineapple combats n pink jumper

68. What kind of shampoo do you use? 1 tht i got from london hair show called 'brilliant shine' but normally i use 'loreal elvive the pink 1'
69. What are you listening to right now: my bro has music channel on, razorlight- america
70. Who is the last person that called you?: Kelsey
71. How many buddies are online right now?: 8
72. What would you change about yourself?: want longer hair (but got extensions so...) and wana tone up.

73. Foods: Choc!
74. Subjects in school: food tech cuz i like cookin!
75. Animals: cat

76. Given anyone a bath?: yeh- Nula n Siobhans neice Yuna
77. Smoked?: yeh... naughty naughty! :-#
78. Bungee jumped?: No but im tryin 2 get sumbody 2 do 1 on 4th july 07 2 commemoratemy grandad who died 10 yrs ago on that date.
79. Made yourself throw up?: Yeh, wen i reli needed 2 b sick cuz i was mangled!
80. Skinny dipped?: Nope
81. Ever been in love?: fink so.
82. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Yes! hahahahahahahahaha!!
83. Pictured your crush naked? Lmao! yeh... :$
84. Actually seen your crush naked?: as gd as...
85. Lied: little white ones...
86. Fallen for your best friend?: yeh, but i fell 4 him, then we wer friends, then... its all messed up :'( :(
87. Rejected someone?: no, but he thinks i did, but i needed time... *sigh*
88. Used someone?: Nope
89. Done something you regret?: Yep, but it makes me who i am 2day i guess... but i kinda wish i cud go bk n c wot wud'v happend if i did the opposite... Ah Well!!

Fanx 4 findin out all about me, n fanks daisy, cuz i knicked this from ur blog! haha! cheeeeeerz! xXxxXx
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