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Tour Blog V: Dublin, TV in London and Manchester199 weeks ago

What happened in Dublin was Ryan had to spend the night in the emergency
room (he's ok now.) Luckily someone in the audience knew how to play
piano so they came on stage and figured out our songs...

Next day Jerm, Tony and I flew to London, and Jerm went on the TV show ?Never Mind The Buzzcocks.? The British humor came fast and was hard to decipher, and I
think the general joke was "Who are you?! You're not famous yet!?" True,
but very few people are born famous...

Me and Tony had an interview for Channel 4 and after traveling so far for one interview I found I had nothing to say. �Something about going out with my cousin in Newcastle and there were depressed girls on swings in the club, then I went blank
so we got on the train to Manchester... Manchester was a different story. See here

Tony after the show:

thanks, see you later,

- ben
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