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let me tell you, a story...231 weeks ago
hope, hope is a relative term used to describe an emotion in which a person tends to try and wait for a better outcome, or that they believe that a better outcome is possible.
hope can be applied in many situations, such as the holocaust in which millions of jews were exterminated. However, today many people are losing hope, losing sight of that "better outcome". What has happened to the human society that it no longer has hope? I believe it is a lack of trial, of adventure. most cannot perceive how much one grows emotionally during a trial. People lose hope because they are tired of they same routine, over and over again, tired of their lives. Let us take a trip back along time ago to the days of the ancient state city of sparta. Yes the spartan reference must be a cliche by now, but what were they persians missing that the spartans possesed that made them unsuccessful at overtaking the city state at once? King Xerxes outnumbered the spartan force at thermopylae many times over, so it couldnt be numbers. And even though the spartans held the advantage of supperior military training, and not to mention the terrain most suited to their combat style, it wasnt that for any supperior larger force given enough time can breach even the strongest walls. So what was it? Hope.
hope is often underestimated, as both a catalyst, and an effect. For instance if you suppress a society with your own views and ways in the hope that they might be more likeyour society, you create the hope that your empire will topple and fall. Hope is a matter of the heart not unknown to just humans, but animals also. Hope is a universal emotion felt by all, and oft forgotten. We humans have been given a gift, the gift of intelligence. It is a precious gift not many lifeforms are blessed with. And we always find a way to use technology for good and bad, hopeing that one day we wont need technology to solve our problems. Hope musnt be forgotten its a primal instinct that demands we try to surrvive no matter what, And in times the effect of hope is multiplied as more and more people hope for the same thing.

Never forget hope, it has never forgotten you..
-------------Justin Lee White"09"
 posted by Justin White Thunder Horse 


Brittany.Killed.The.Prom.Queen said...2/13/09
...justin u r so insitefull...i am so proud lol
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Ethan Dickson said...2/13/09
thats soo true...you should be a writer lol that was really deep lol
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Dakota said...2/22/09
Brittany....you always find the right words to say....hope, yeah i hope i can go home. not joking i want to go home.

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Brittany.Killed.The.Prom.Queen said...2/22/09
thanx dakota...i try lol
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Dakota said...2/25/09
i doubt you have to try. LOL

see you tomorrow
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Brittany.Killed.The.Prom.Queen said...2/25/09
lol ur right it just comes naturally lol
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