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Requested Skins246 weeks ago
Please make sure you leave detail of what you want on the skin, if you're gonna request.
And preferably the pictures, so we don't have to look for them. :L
Ta ;)
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Pregant.Samantha. Alone said...12/16/08
can i have a skin of peyton and haley
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'Brooke said...1/21/09
Can I have a skin of Brooke Davis And Chase Adams please

background colour: black
text colour: white
text on the skin: Brooke and Chase- Thier Friendship Never Dies Away
pictures: one picture of Brooke, One picture of Chase and one picture of Brooke and Chase together ( make sure they are not kissing in the picture please)
Thanks xx
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Destiny Turner-Rex said...1/28/09
Hey Can i have a skin of Brooke Hogan Saying :

"Jealousy is a Disease, so get well soon bitchez"

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Crossroad Demon said...2/25/09
Hey can I have a skin of Brooke from one tree hill

background color: black
text color: white
text on the skin: Crossroad Demon
pictures: any pictures from my photo albums
Thanks xoxo
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- said...2/26/09
Whoops :O
People actually wanted skins :L
Yeah, I forgot about this band, so I'll try make some :L
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Hollie Haley Amelia said...3/1/09
can i have a few different skins 1 of Sophia Bush Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez all with dark hair and it saying the Davis Bitches like mother like daughters

and then 1 with Sophia Bush and Selena Gomez saying like mother like daughter with dark hair please

1 with Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus saying twins are the best with dark hair please

and then one with Sophia Bush and Miley Cyrus with dark hair and saying like mother like daughter! thanks so much
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Only.Human' said...3/1/09
can i please have a skin of edward cullen twilight

saying : dont mess with alex turner
text colour: white
background: black
image : edward on his own ( my profile piccy)

thank you can you send me a mail or comment when its ready :)
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Noone Would Miss Melinda said...4/28/09
background color: black
text color: white
text on the skin: Dean && Faith
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-Down.Hearts said...5/9/09
background colour: black
Text Color for the about me section,etc : Blue
Images: Victoria Murder and Jason Voorhees

And for the Writing can it be along the lines of something like My Ride or Die and I want the writting to be in Red and below that writting or somewere I want my Username :)

Thanks, let me know when it's done :D
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