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DRG;;_X298 weeks ago
????????????Daniel Roy Gerry????????????

Daniel Is 18 && His Birthdayy Is The 7th Of February;; He Lives In Lanstephan, Launceston;; He Has Browny/Blondy Hair && Blue Eyes;; He Has The Cutest Ass Ever && The Most Perfect Eyebrows;; His Favorite Song Is: I'll Be Missing You - P Diddy;; His Favorite Films Are American Pie III;; Star Wars;; And Some Others Which I Can't Actually Remember..;; He Has A Twin Brother Called Mark && A Sister Called Ellen Who Is 22, She Has A Son Called Jordan [5]. He's The Cutest Thing EVER!! & Another Son Called Harrison, No Doubt THE CUTEST BABY EVER!!;;His Mother Is Called Debbie;; She's One Of The Nicest People I Have Ever Met;; He Has Like The HUGEST Family Ever, But I Love Them All;; They Made Me Feel So Welcome, && I Thank Them For That;; Even In The Most Embarrasing Of Times: E.g. Falling Down Stars, Pissed Out Of My Face && Not Actually Knowing What I'm Doing;; I Can Still Look Them In The Eye Without Cringing =];; He Supports Liverpool && Last Year For His Birthdayy Got The Bus All The Way Up2 Watch Them Play, He Hates Buses But Says 'It's The Best Money He's Ever Spent'. He Has A Cat Called The G-Man, Who I'm Alergic To But Is Really Rather Cute, Sadly Not As Cute As My Cat Willem;; He Likes Coke From Lidls && Pancakes With Dairy Milk Biscuit<-- Our Invention, We Also Cook Steak With Yorkshire Puddings & Gravy When Were Together! Was The First Meal We Ever Cooked Together!;; He Cannot Make A Bed, But Trys, He Cannot Iron ( He Ends Up Ironing On The Wrong Side && Burning His Clothes ) But He Trys;; He PASSED His Driving Test & Can Drive I Love It!!;; He's The Most Ticklish Person I've Ever Met;; He Doesn't Like It When You Stroke His Head, It Makes Him Feel Intimedated;; He's My Superman;; I Love Him With All My Heart He Is THE Most Amazing Thing That Ever Happened To Me;;


It All Started When I Met Him At Keeley Uzzel's Birthdayy Partyy, He Was Verry Drunk && Wearing The Silliest 'Old Mans Glasses' Ever, Ahaa;; He Told Us All His Famous Pirate Joke;; 'Why Are Pirates Called Pirates? 'Cause They Aaaaaaaaare!!' No-One Found It Funny Except Me && Jodie;; We Then Got To Know Eachother Properly, One Saturday Night, Up Park, Veryy Drunkk;; He Came Down To Outside The Leisure Centre To Look After Me 'Cause I'd Been Left All By My Lownsome =[, *Bestest Thing Thats Ever Happened To Me';; We Sat Outside The Leisure Centre Listening To;- Akon - I Wana Love You && Mc Fly - StarGirl;; My Favorite Memory Of That Night Along With The Previous Has to Be Walking Up Through The Park && Daniel Holding My Hand Then Saying: 'Sorry' && Me Replying: 'It's Okaii I Liked It' *It Was Meant To Be*;; We Then Became The Bestest Of Friends && Called Eachother By Various Nicknames;; He Was: 'My Sexi Lil Sugaplum' && I Was His 'Angel From Heaven';; He Was At The Time Going Out With Gemma Rickard, Who I Now, You Could Say In Certain Terms, Do Not Get Along With;; After, Ending His Short Lived Relationship With Her, On The 10th Of November 2006, We Finally Actually Got Together Properly;; From Then On We've Had Our Ups && Downs;; But We Are Now Better Than Ever;; I'm So Glad I Met You On That Night;; So Glad Your Pirate Joke Made Me Giggle;; So Glad Things Happened Like They Did;;

From Not Knowing Someone;; To Becoming Best Friends;; To Realising They Are Your Actual True Love;;- In A Very Short Space Of Time, I Think We've Done It Excedingly Well && I Wouldn't Change These Past Few Months For The World!;;

????????I Love You Soo Much, Forever



We've Been Together 15 Months & It's Been The Best Time Of My Life;; Been Hard But I've Loved It;; We've Been Through Alot, Okayy More Than Alot;; But We Pull Through Everytime;; He Makes Me Happier && Happier Everyday & I Love Him More And More EverySecond;; We're So Perfect Together;; I'm So In Love With Him;; I Spend All My Time With Him & When I'm Not With Him I Feel So Lonelyy;; It's Like Wherever He Is Is Home, But When I'm Not With Him I'm Not Home;; Daniel Roy Gerry Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me && I Could Go On & On & On But I'm Not Going To :D ;; ???I Love You Baby<3x xXx

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