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Fearless: Side project96 weeks ago
Another story hope to be working on in the near future. If I ever get stuck on the story I'm writing now or something, or I'll have this for a 'reminder' or something if I ever lose the paper I have this written down on.

Another love story about two girls with two families. Except one girl Kaiya is in a Motorcycle family and the other girl Laney is in a mob family.


A mob family moves into a the city of 'Paradise Falls, Phoenix, Arizona. Little do they know, on the outskirts of the city, in a little town of Charity lives one of the biggest Motorcycle Clubs named 'The Saints' That likes to get together and ride around and take the law into their own hands 'sometime' when it's needed. But when The Mob, starts doing business down in Charity and The saints starts finding odd things happening in their towns, a whole big mess starts to happen.

Also What happens when the daughter of the Motorcycle leader and the daughter of the Mob leader met at school and don't realize who each other our and start becoming friends, and then friendship start becoming more. And then both parents start finding out who each kid belongs to! Will the parents step into their daughters relationships?

LOL...... This was a idea I had floating around. Still haven't figured it all out yet.... But still working on it.
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