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BIOGRAPHY251 weeks ago

* Favourite place to travel:
* Star-sign:
* First Job:
* Musical Idols:
Joss Stone & 2pac
* Are you Superstitious?:
* What can?t you live without?:
* When did you first start to sing?:
* Favourite Aust Idol Season:
* Favourite Movie:
* Favourite TV Show:
Two and a half men
* Favourite Food:
* Favourite Colour :
* Eye Colour:
* Your Height:
* Your current ringtone:
Whatever is on there

Please complete this sentence:

?I first realised I wanted to become a professional singer when??
I was a young girl. I use to see my older sister and cousins rehearse for our high school talent quest. I was the little annoying one that use to hang around them and get told to get out.

What is your favourite song? Please tell us why you love that particular song:
Music by Joss Stone, the lyrics and melody pretty much explain the way I feel about music too.

Which previous finalist do you find most inspiring and why?
Ricky Lee - She?s so real, love that.

Describe your feelings at your first audition:
It was insane, so nervous man. So incredibly nervous.

Obviously, it?s important to have a strong voice, but what other aspects give a performer ?star quality?? Please explain your answer:
The different colours and texture's to the voice and feel "yeah definitely feel".

Why do you think Australian Idol is an important part of our local music industry?
It's full of opportunity, great experience. The people you get to meet are amazing and you get to experience what it's like in the music business.

Which artist (dead or alive) would you most like to perform a duet with and why?
Stevie Wonder, he is so incredibly amazing

What?s the best thing about being on Australian Idol?
The experience is crazy!!! And the beautiful talented people you get to meet is huge!!!

Who is your favourite judge and why?
Oddly enough it would have to be Dicko! He is so nice and appreciative. I was lucky enough to get awesome feedback from him. Totally privileged.

Please complete this sentence: The one thing I want Australia to know about me is?
I am a simple girl who appreciates the simple things in life, like trackies, pizza, fox, Kick 'n' Back.

What?s the best piece of advice someone has given you?
Stay Real :)

?Whatever song I?m singing, I just want the audience to feel me,? says soul singer Madam Parker, ?To come into the journey?.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Madam grew up in the small town of Tuakau, a town she describes as ?a simple, little town, very family orientated, where everyone knows everyone.? Attending the small school of Takua College until Year 11, her favourite subject was Science ? ?I was fascinated by the solar system and the universe and the stars.?

Dicko?s not the first to spot Madam?s extraordinary talent - she won the school talent quest in her final year there, performing a duo ?Don?t Think I?m Not?. A year later, she began a full-time music course at the Ideal Success Academy in Manurewa, studying theory and performing in the workshops. A year after that, she was performing in a group, Top Shelf, with another guy and girl, singing to backing tracks and performing around town several nights a week. ?We did little stints here and there, played some festivals,? Madam recalls. ?Other students from the course would come sing ? at one stage there was eight of us!?

Madam arrived in Sydney six months ago, to begin a life that would offer more opportunities for herself and her son, three-year-old Hayzell, who is still back in New Zealand with family. She describes him as ?full of energy, very clever, cheeky, smooth and gorgeous.?

Madam was working in sales and sports marketing when the opportunity to audition for Idol came up, and after not turning up to work, to instead audition, she was fired. She similarly lost her bartending job for heading to Top 100 week instead of pouring beers!

Madam names her favourite performers as Beyonce, Neyo and Joss Stone, all singers with incredible range and an honest, emotional delivery. Described by her friends as both caring and outgoing, Madam, is still getting used to the idea of being a reality TV star. ?I am a shy person,? she says, ?But I warm up. Once I?m comfortable, I get cheeky.?
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.Ahlex. said...10/19/08
Thi is so copied from the Australian idol website..hahaha:L :L ..word for word..
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