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The Milberts248 weeks ago
Now that OOT seems to be drawing to a close, I've decided to 'host' The Milbert Awards, basically an award show where we all critique and say nice things about one another's writing.
Not being able to lay my hands on some miniature scythes at short notice, the awards themselves are awards in name only. (Unless someone fancies rustling up some cute reaper certificates, hint hint!)


Firstly, it's a real shame Ayesha and Rachel only contributed one chapter each because their writing was atmospheric and I really enjoyed reading their work. China Ren contributed by throwing in a hell of a twist and taking the story in a new direction. But my OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTOR award goes to Nic 'Pumpkinhead' Tei. He was a blast to work with, he 'beefed up' the story with some serious combat scenes, his chapters moved the plot forward and he grasped the whole Sweeper concept and explained it effectively.
My Milbert for BEST CHAPTER goes to chapter 9 by Bex, for her gritty and atmospheric visit to Jack the Ripper's London.

Now let's hear what everybody else has to say. Get out the swanky evening dresses and tuxedos...
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NicTei said...10/18/08
First of all, I don't wear a tuxedo*. Second, I think I should post an award.

MOST UNEXPECTED MOMENT goes to Ellie Dyer, for her unexpected end to Dorian's life!

And third, my speech of acceptance for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTOR.
*tears in eyes*
I'd like to thank my friends here on Bebo for supporting me through this book, and I'd like to thank my family for...um...(where's that card...)...oh yes, for being there in my times of need. Lastly, I'd like to thank Ellie Dyer for starting this and inviting me into it. It made me feel wanted, and gave me a chance to fill my time up when I was waiting for inspiration to slap me on the face-I mean hit me-for my other works of fiction.

I enjoyed working with every single one of these authors, and look forward to the possiblity of not only posting this on Tome City, but a sequel to it as well! Thank you all! Thank you!
*sits down*
(I love this little bugger!)

*I don't wear tuxedos, but maybe a swanky dress...**
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