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Bebo Family349 weeks ago
Hey wanna join my bebo family get your name in!

My Twin ~
My Best m8 ~
My Big Sista ~
My Lil Sista ~ GEM
My Big Bruva ~
My Lil Bruva ~ SIMON
My Bessie Mate ~
MY Husband ~
My Best Gurl ~
my pet monkey ~
My friend ~
My big cous ~ MICHELLE
My Secret Admirer ~
My Bad girl ~
My Rudegal ~
My bus buddy (lol) ~
My Manager ~
My PA ~
My Hairdresser ~
My Dancin Partner ~ DEIRDRE
My Body guard ~
My Partner In Crime ~
My Bitch ~
My party animal ~
My i'll b there 4 u friend ~
My Uncle ~
My Partner 4 Life ~
My auntie ~
My lil Cuz ~ EILISH
My hot bit on the side ~
My Lil baby girl ~
My niece ~
My nephew ~
My poser 4 life! ~
My Guardian angel ! ~
My Drinkin partner ~ NAT
My Fairy god mother ~ COLETTE
MY horny dog ~
My beautiful neighbour ! ~
My Slave ! ~ DEIRDRE
My angel 4 life ~
My homeless family member ~
My hero! ~ DEIRDRE
My footballer! ~
My pretty princess! ~ CHEZ
My prince! ~
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Eilish Mc Glynn said...11/25/06
hey xx al b ur lil cuz xxxx
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NinX Mcgte said...11/27/06
can i be your weird lil brother thats dead annoyin :P ?
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.CS. said...11/28/06

il b yer pritty princess!!!!

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Michelle Roofe said...1/1/07
:P got 2 be ur big couz!!! xxx
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Colette Mc Hugh said...1/2/07
oh put me in somewhere..dunno where..but somewhere good! :P
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Nat said...1/30/07
Just looked at this was gonna put my name in but c it already is, in the rite place and all good stuff.lol.
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Deirdre Gallen said...2/7/07
OK i wanted to put this in myself.. i see i play a BIG role in your life. Im a paradox, Im your slave and hero. We would be partners in crime and then have fun...... on the DANCEFLOOR! ..Dirty mind.. lol . yes im bored!
OHH.. almost forgot i am also your beautiful neighbour! :)
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