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Gig Cancellation :(186 weeks ago
It's with a heavy heart we announce that the Barrowlands gig has been cancelled by KMR promotions due to concerns about the weather.

Gladly, like us, Box Glasgow don't give a Fuck about weatherso we've moved the gig to there.

Box Glasgow is where we were having our aftershow anyway so it's probably gonna work out easier for everyone.

At Box, it's free entry so you can get even more pished than you planned.
If you've paid for a ticket, it will be refunded at Box.

So if everyone can be at Box for 8ish, we'll play the gig then have our aftershow as planned.

Box address is: Box Glasgow, 431 Sauchiehall street, Glasgow. It's across the road from the Garage (The one with the big yellow truck sticking out it!)

We're sorry it's so last minute but we're looking forward to seeing you all there and enjoying our aftershow party with us.

See you all tomorow.

The Speakeasies
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Shaun Boy said...1/8/10
Fuck the Barras.
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Thee-Mike-Bone. said...1/8/10
booo the barras
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Chris McGill said...1/8/10
gutted were no playin the barras but its probably gonna work out better anyways means we dont have to walk from baras to the other side of toon tae the box in freezing conditions so weel be playin for about an hour in the box then wae those new tracks tae and abit a fuckin about :) still lookin forward to it
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McGinn. said...1/8/10
Does that mean uz are going to get less money coz of ticket sales??
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Andy Dickson said...1/8/10
aye means we get fuck all mcginn! fuck it. people coming to see us is the main thing. its not about money, its about havin a good time all the time :)
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