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tell me the trough252 weeks ago
m new song
hi i wrote a song 4 mcfly wright a commentif u think i should post it on there bebo 4 a suggeston 4 there nxt song
its called you and me

Dont know, how you feel about me,
dont know if yu want me to be, with ,youuu
for all eternetyyyyy....

Just come fly with me
come fly across the stars
lets find the way all the way to mars
lets go farrrr wayyyyyy.......

Lets go some were
we can be together - forever
lets dance among the clouds ,there so beautifull......

ohwhooooo, just come with me
come fly across the stars with me
lest find the way, we gotta find the way to marssssssss........

lest goooooo.............. far away
so we can be alone
 posted by Dougie Poynter Luvers 


Jernana Gilbert said...9/24/08
i lyk it
ur a good sond writter
mabbe 1 dai u will rite songs 4 mcfly:D

make another 1

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Dougie Poynter Luvers said...9/25/08
ty xx
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