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a half breeds sorrow part 2 * by natalie bakhaus*374 weeks ago
(Shakeera's pov)

as i look at him i could tell he was having a emotional battle in his head. i decided to make it easyer for him. i toldhim that this is good bye isn't. but somehow i felt i needed to be with him. then he said i guess so. somehow i felt kind of dissapointed that he didn't try to stop me from leaving. it was night time soon and it was my time of night. my human night it would be a full moon to night and i don't lioke being seen as a human. so i ran nto the woods to find shelter for the night.

(Daren's pov)

i stand there in the woods watching her run off. why was i feeling like i wanted to be with her. i'm grateful that we got out of the nasty ceel but y was she in such a hurry i don't know. then i thought of somthing she was still healing from her injuryes from the fights she was in. i ran after her i don't want her to die. she isn't goingo tdie on my time notnow not ever.

(Shakeera's pov)

the sun was going behind the mountains. and i was losing my demon powers and fast. i finully found a hot spring a then a cabbin a little ways away to stay in. so i went into the cabbin it was abanded. so i got some fire wood and started a fire to worm the place up then i saw a bed in the corner it was wet from the weather previous. so i moved it toward the fire so it would dry. it was night time now and i was in my human form.

"Dangit i hate it when i'm in my uman form."

'i'm always soo weak when i'm in this form. to many emotions.'

i got up and walked into the woods towards the hot spring. so when i got there i looked around to see if anyone was here. and lucky for me there wasn't anyone here. so i walked up to the hot srping and there was a small one behind it so i shed my cloths off let them soke in the water to get thte blood off of them. i walk back to the big hot spring and step in abid the water wasn't to hot it was just right. so i walked into the hot spring till the water was over my chest. i sigh in happyness.

"ahhhh now this is what i like about being human....i don't have to worry about getting water in my ears as bad as i have human ears."

i dunk my head into the water to try to rinse the blood out of my hair and skin. but i didn't know i was goingot have a unexpected guest with me tonight.

(Daren's pov)

i was getting tired and it was night time and when a human like me is out in the woods after nightfall he is known as a dead man. i look up at the night sky and i saw steem.

"Steem....? that would only mean...HOT SPRIIINNNNGGGGSSS!!!"

i got up and ran towards the steem. and there beofre me was two hot springs a big one and a small one.

"Ohhh yheah tis my lucky day.....i get out of that nast cell...'and meat the most beautiful girl that i ever met' and now i found a hot spring."

i stand there only a few feet from the hot springs and then i hear a big slpash from tyhe hot sring i look and a girl poped out with her back to me. i though i just died and went to heaven. her long brown hair with light thin blue strips in them where sparkaling in the moon light. her light creamy tan skin shimmering in the moon light. i coudn't belive what i was seing. i coudn't even breath at the momnet. i step forward and sadly i steped on a tig and it snaped.

the girl in front of me had gone rigged and covered her chest and turn around to me. and i'll tell u this much she wasn't glad to see me.

"AHHHHK u pervert get away from me. go on get.!!!!" she yelled at me.

i was scared to death i think i soild my slef in the progress. if looks could kill i would be dead by now. she screams again and finds some rocks and a really big and heavy bolder and throws them at me. i try to doge them but i for got about the bolder and i was flung intot he woods and i ran like there was no tomarrow.

(Shakeera pov)

errrgg i coudn't belive it i thought i was alone untill that pervert human came and saw me bath. i looked around once again adn got my cloths dried and went back to the cabbin and cooked some fish i caught before i went to the hot springs. i got done eating and laid down on the little bed and went to sleep.

(daren's pov)

after running for a while i stopped and saw a cabbin up a head so i walked to it and opened the door and saw a fire was up and going and right beside it was a girl sleeping..waite that isnb't any ordinary girl that was the girl from before!!!!

what will hapened to daren and Shakeera. wil draen die from the human shakeera or will darn find out that the girl is really Shakeera in her human form.

find out next time on a half breeds sorrow
 posted by Orochi Iori 

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