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Woo Freaking Hoo333 weeks ago

That's right.

One Hundred Thousand Views

Ooooh... I whored myself out hard to get here.

And now I just want to thank my mom and my sister and my neighbour and my gardener and my <insert a bunch of other random people, that actually had nothing to do with it>.

Most of all I'd like to thank my fans and my fakers.

Fans - thanks for taking the time to visit my page and leave me lovely (and sometimes not so lovely, more seedy) comments.

Fakers - thanks for constantly coming back to my page to steal more pictures; see a bad situation actually benefited me. HAHA. Blah not really. But thanks :L

HAHAHA - i really DO care about this view count thing. No, really I DO.:Z
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Jermaine said...5/2/07
this blog made me laff hard.loving it lol xxx
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