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My Family252 weeks ago
My Bebo Family

My Mother:

My Father:

My Twin:

My Little Sisters:

1- Bella Cullen. Ai Haru <_Mass_Destruction_>


My Little Bros:

1- Robbie T <nekowet>


My Big Sisters:

1- Leigh Patrick <I_LOV3_YHOO_CHRI5>


My Big Bros:

1- Everyones Fav Jesus Look ALike <DanM32>

2- Mikey <MichaelA2279>

My Sugar Addict Friend:

My Partner in Crime:

My Drinking Partner:

My Guardian Angel:

My Bodyguard:

My Dragon Rider Friend(s):

My Cool Friend:

My Pet Cat:

My Pet Dog:

My Evil Pet Rabbit: Wolfie <_The_Two_Brothers_>

My Cookie Addict friend:

My Brilliant Loser Friend:

My Emo Friend:

My Best Friend:

My Random Friend: Im Riku Prince OfDarkmess <RikuD6>

My Anime Lover: Dark Adonis <mid_boss>

My Stalker:

My Role Model:

My Supporting Friend:

My Friend I Could do Nothing Without:

My Hyper friend:

My Arch enemy:




 posted by Dark Angel 


Kureno said...9/20/08
Can i be the vil rabbit please?:P :P
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Robbie T said...9/20/08
can i be ur lil bro and WILLLLLLLLL huggls him
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Darkness Prince Riku said...10/31/08
can i be ur radem friend
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-Deleted. said...10/31/08
"I shall be little sis xD"
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Dark Adonis said...12/14/08
anime lover
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Mikey said...1/4/09
can i b ur supportive freind nd bodygaurd aswell as 1 of ur big bros plz?;) ;)
u know i'l b there in a flash if u need me so just give a shout nd i'll come running:D :D
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