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IF you want to know why I am not in London. READ THIS.254 weeks ago
Here are the details.....

I received my British working papers in the mail while i was in Australia. Titled BRITISH WORKING PAPERS.KEEP THESE SAFE!
I was supposed to go to the British Embassy and get them put in my passport.
I didnt know this and i filed them away and kept them for when i got to london heathrow.
When we landed in London and were going thru immigration the officer asked me why i was going to london. I told him for fashion week and I would only be in London for 7days.
He asked to see my papers,
(my working permit was issued for two years)
he started questioning me as to why i had working papers for two years if i was only going to be in London for seven days???
I explained that my agency in London had set it up and i wasnt sure why i had a 2 year working permit.
Then he asked me to go in the back for a chat. Austria Cato and the camera crew had already gone thru immigration.
I was put in a detention room and held allowing a phone call. I called Luiz and told him i was stuck and to let everyone else in London know. At 4:30 they made me dump out all of my bags and searched everything including me. Then i was put back in the detention cell and informed that
I WAS REQUIRED A VISA to enter London on a two year working permit, NO VISA NO ENTRY.
I was booked a ticket directly back to New york and was escorted to the plane around ten the next morning.
Here I am in New York.

It was a total accident , noones fault just a mistake that will not be forgotten. It was really scary and i am really upset about missing london.

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Emanuel Anghelescu said...9/16/08
dude i heard they're brutal there. my friends were telling me stories similar to yours. i was planning to go there straight after i finished in tokyo. my agent warned me that if i did i had to send my book ahead of time and have nothing on me if i wanted to enter not even mention im a model. had my working visa in my passport though so they would've found out. ahhhhh so strict there. anyway i know now if i want to go i have to have a visa and whatnot. sucks hardcore you couldn't enter. whatever you'll own milan/paris.
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Marchy. said...9/16/08
Ug, Such a small mistake can add up eh.

I thnik it was a bit much for the search though? LOL maybe you just coem accross as some dogy cocaine addict XD- I'm kidding!

But yea, you missed this one ( :( ) but next time you'll be ready! right? and you can spend the time working up for the next trip,
Polly x
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Jennifer Lynn said...2/24/09
hey madeline how are you? do remember me?
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