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"ii love you siimon zachary lehe<3"

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Aboutt muah227 weeks ago
What is your:

Full Name : Dakota Blaize Rush
Nickname: Koda
Place of Birth: Hospital
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Male or female: Female
Occupation: Swimmer

__Your Appearance___

Hair Color: Blone
Eye color:B lue
Glasses: There Juicy & black?
Piercings:B elly button & ears
Tattoos: none
Righty or Lefty:Right


First best friend: Lindey Watts
First Sport: Softball
First pet: Dog
First Real Vacation: Panama City
First Concert: None
Who Was First Kiss: Tyler Widner
First Love: Honestly, Codey.

__ Favorites___

Movie: To many
Rapper: lil wayne er T.I
Band: to many
Song Right Now: dont have one
Friends: to many
Candy: Sweet Tarts
Restaurant: Pepes
Favourite saying : dont have one
Store: hollister
Shoes: flip flops


Feeling:In love (:
Single or Taken?: single but crushhing
Have a crush: more than a crush
On who: garret howe (:
Drinking: nothing
Type style: idkk?
Online? obviously if im doing this.
Listening To: TV
Thinking About: bio homeworkk i didnt do
Wanting To: be in tennessee
Watching: Jon & kate plus eightt
Wearing:shorts & sweart shirt
Freak: whatt?

___Your Future___

Want Kids? someday
Want to be married? yes
Careers in Mind: dental hygene
Where do you want to live: somewhere close to my parents

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

Hair color: brown or blonde
Hair length: short
Eye color: any
Cute or Sexy: sexyyy
Lips or Eyes: eyes
Hugs or Kisses: kisses
Short or Tall: tall
Easygoing or serious: both
Romantic or Spontaneous: romantic
Fatty or Skinny: in shape
Sensitive or Loud: both
Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
Sweet or Caring:both
Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: kinda both

___Have you ever______

Kissed a Stranger: no!
Had Alcohol: yes (:
Smoked: no!
Ran Away From Home: nope i love my parents tooo much.
Broken a bone: yepp
Got an X-ray: yepp
Been with someone: obvisouly
Broken Someone?s Heart : probably
Had ur heart broken: yes ):
By Who: to many people.
Broke Up With Someone: yess
Cried When Someone Died: yes
Cried At School: no

___Do You Believe In___

God: yes
Miracles: yes
Love At first site? yes
Aliens: no
Soul Mates: yes
Heaven: yes
Hell: yes
Angels: yes
Kissing on The First date: possibly
Horoscopes: some
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