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And the winners are....249 weeks ago
Hi guys

All you entires were great - I would make you all boss for the day, but unfortunately we had to weedle it down to 10 lucky beboers to win a WALL-E DVD to take home!

So the winners are....

Adele Young
Cathie Leather
Steve Gray
Jordan-Lee Jonstone
Ashleigh McFarland
Evelyn Murphy
Michael R Gordon
Ashley Rodwell


Mission Specialist
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Jamesworth said...10/15/08
oh get over it.
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Will B said...10/15/08
I didnt win and im not complainin. There were 1000s me entries you expreat to just win. Jus cos u didnt doesnt mean its favouritism. Chillax.
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Jordan-Lee J said...10/16/08
You can't win everything you know and i also think you are referring to me when you say this guy won a dvd, got a comment on their profile and they voted for their picture.

Don't even bother.
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Joanna-Na-Na said...10/16/08
:o i won!!!! i didnt even enter think about it i just entered for fun!!! lol! how do i claim my prize?
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Jordan-Lee J said...10/17/08
you have to sent a private mail to them of your name and address
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Rhyn Williams said...10/17/08
damn i didnt win?? oh well lol well done to the winners! :)
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Cathie Leather said...10/18/08
Yay :)

Any idea when we will get our DVD :)
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A'R said...10/21/08
Woop i won :)
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Joanna-Na-Na said...2/10/09
where is my prize???!!!!
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